Celine Trio

  1. hey sweetie! did you end up getting the Trio? i just prepaid for the new large royal blue from df, but thinkin if i should go red instead.... want a Nano originally, however the 'cutesy' factor has been bugging me :amuse:
  2. I'm looking ** buy my first trio bag as well. I went ** both Harrods *** Selfridges ** play **** *** bag. I was disappointed at *** service I received at Harrods. Well, there wasn't any real service. I did enjoy chatting **** *** most wonderful sales in Selfridges. He's very helpful *** attentive. I'm certainly going back ** him ** get *** royal blue trio when it comes in.
  3. Hi purse-nality, they accept pre-order now? Seriously I want the large Trio in royal blue!! May I know how much it retail for? Thanks!
  4. Euro720 VAT included
  5. yes... ^right. €602 after detax, but i only put in half for now :smile:

  6. There's a large sized trio now? I haven't bought one, because I haven't found the right colour :sad: I want something that pops, but I'm not fond of pink or orange, so I'm waiting for either the royal blue or yellow. How much bigger is the large one? :smile:

    I agree about the Nano. I tried on the Citron one last week. I loved the colour but there was something about it that I thought wouldn't last as well, design wise. I'm glad I stuck to my mini!
  7. The service at the Celine concession on the 2nd floor of Selfridges is much, much better than the Ground Floor accessories. The SAs there are super attentive and helpful and they have good stock as well. I always find on the Ground Floor, because they are so busy, you don't really get the service you deserve.
  8. What's the large trio like? I read something in the other threads about the strap being non-detachable and can't carry it crossbody, or did i read wrongly? :confused1:
  9. The strap is definitely non-detachable but I can carry it crossbody very comfortably. I'm about 5"5 and to do that, I usually adjust the strap to its longest setting. HTH.
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  11. i think if i ever get a Nano, it'd be in a neutral/dark color to downplay the cute factor....

    that would be the 'Oversized', as pictured on the official site (which i mistakenly thought as the 'Large' -got too excited to see the detachable strap!)...


    info from DF....

    The Large trio pouch measures 25x18x5cm. It can be worn cross body and the different pouches can be dissociated.
    The Oversized trio is different. It can't be worn cross body and the different pouches can't be dissociated. It measures 38x27x4cm and costs 1300€.

    in summation, 3 Trio sizes next season: Trio (regular?), Large, Oversized... HTH!
  12. Ooooh this is all very exciting indeed. So the Large trio is just an upsized regular trio, with all the same features? 28 cm does sound pretty long though.....
  13. Oh... not aware Large and Oversized are 2 different sizes. The Oversized seems really huge by the measurement. Anyway, still prefer the longer strap version.

  14. i suppose... you know, i'm actually confused if its 28 or 25cm, but info i posted above is the latest from DF. if indeed its the most accurate, then i'd say Large is similar to the size of a chanel medium classic flap, which is 10 x 6 inches (depth aside).
  15. I m not 100% sure but I think the picture shown is actually a LARGE not the oversized after I talked to both DF and the owner of my local store carries Celine after her latest buying trip.

    purse-nality has already posted DF's reply to me here...so I m not gonna to repeat.

    As per my conversation with the owner of Cahier d'Exercies, the oversized trio should be more square in shape and available in white, black and silver metalic only. It will be a totally different look from the regular one.

    :p This is my best guess only....don't blame me if I assumation is not corret...:cool: