Celine Trio

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  1. Thanks Chloe, the large size trio is worth waiting for. You're so lucky you live there, it's such a big price difference compared to US plus the availability is much better too.

    Just email them: customerservice@departementfeminin.com
    They'll let you know on what's coming.
  2. :Pmy first order of a Trio! from DF. looking forward to seeing it!

    it is my 5th Celine bag after 4 luggages
  3. Beautiful! I saw your bag at Neimans....Loved it!
  4. What a gorgeous colour!
  5. Congrats!!! Can you tell me what the price was for the large trio? I've been looking for one in NAVY!! But all I can find are the small Trio. I think I'd need the larger size so I can fit my wallet in it. Do you think a long wallet would fit?

    thx!! ;);)
  6. I can fit a small umbrella in my large trio so I am pretty sure you can fit a large wallet. Navy is tdf!!
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    i pre-ordered a navy large trio from DF and am trying to wait patiently for it!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!! saved usd$345 from not buying in sg!!!
  8. On there invoice it came out to (NO VAT) $738, but on my CC, showed $779. I don't know why it's different amounts, though it's still way cheaper than US price. & yes, the long wallet fits, which is the reason why i waited for the large.
  9. i emailed DF about the navy trio, hopefully i can get one too! does DF also charge international shipping?
  10. Free shipping and i got them to declare as a gift!!!
  11. woohoo thanks! i cant wait to hear back from DF :smile:
  12. hey can i please ask about the pre order process? how do u give them credit card details for payment? (Im not comfortable emailing this info...)
  13. they will update when they are new arrivals and to inform on what are the various available designs. you then reply saying you are interested in eg trio and they will provide you with a link to click on. note that the link will expire after a period of time. after clicking the link it will lead you to the product page and you buy like just any other normal online purchase. you will key in your cc details in the payment page. HTHs! :smile:
  14. So, how big is the large?? Do you know the measurements?

    That's great! I'm sooooooo tempted (despite being on a ban...)
  15. looking for a yellow regular trio.. too slow to get one from DF :nogood: