Celine Trio

  1. I think I drooled just thinking about this...
  2. Hi there, the one on the most right hand side, does it call "gray" or "smoke".
    Thanks a ton!!
  3. I've seen it referred to a "storm"
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    I own a storm trio and I must say that the color is definitely more khaki toned in real life than the trio in the photo. It definitely looks more steel grey to me, so perhaps it is a newer "gray", maybe for spring 2013?
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    The army green with that orange should be from Fall 2011 and was part of the Christmas collection.

    I believe the grey is Smoke, like the suede wings of the Smoke trapeze attached.
  6. Ah does anyone know the best place for Australian customer to purchase Celine handbags and jewlery?!
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    FINALLY!!!!! I gave in!!!! I pre-ordered the Large Black Trio for November delivery. I'm so excited!!! I can't believe the price difference between US & Europe, almost $400 cheaper in Europe.

    Anybody know how much is the import tax I will be expecting to pay in the US?
  8. Congrats! Did you order from DF? I wanted to order my 2nd trio but they did not have the color I wanted. If you ordered from DF, they are able to ship as a gift and I didn't have to pay any taxes! :smile:
  9. I paid around $28 to UPS for duties for my large trio in July.
  10. After a few weeks use, I am so happy that I got my large trio! :smile: It is so pretty and also very practical. It looks small but the bag is actually quite roomy. The best thing is that I can easily find my stuff from the bag because of the separate pouches..
  11. Really? That's it? Thanks for the info.
  12. Yes from DF, though it was a challenge on the pre-order because it was wierd how the pre-order is done w/ them & they didn't even tell me. They have to activate the listing just for you to pre-pay & actually didn't make sense because you have to catch it ontime when it's up, not to mention the time difference, like you're online waiting 24 hrs a day. Otherwise, it expires & after going back and forth on the email, trying to ask them of a better & easier way to make it work both ways. Finally after 4x missed, she left the listing overnight active & i got it. Whew!!!

    It took me awhile to decide on the color since i only want 1 & finally decided on the Black w/c is very versatile & practical for me. They only have 2 color choices this time, black & navy. I'll send a request if they can mark it as a gift. Thanks.
  13. congrats bella!! we will be large trio twins ;)

    yes prices here in europe are much better :graucho:
  14. Thanks for this info! I'm looking for a burgundy or green trio, so I'll keep my eye out. Is there a way to get on their mailing list?