Celine Trio

  1. I have a prada saffiano wallet and it doesn't fit on a regular! Hope this helps!
  2. my BV zip around doesn't fit either.
    It works great in the large.
  3. Can any lovely TPFers tell me what colour of this trio is? :flowers:



  4. I believe it's called 'powder'
  5. I thought Powder is a lighter?

  6. This is camel!!! :smile:
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    Thank you for your help amacasa ^-^

    I'm contemplating to add another Trio to my collection :graucho:
    But i'm not sure to choose between Powder or Camel :thinking:
  8. Powder and Camel are both so pretty! If I wasn't so fixated with burgundy at the moment, I think I would go for Camel. :smile: Hoping the new stock will arrive very soon, can't wait to get my burgundy Trio!
  9. Hi girls anyone have any idea if I can get a black trio of any size in Australia or online ect? Also Australian price please..thank you :smile:
  10. I saw it at Christine's last week. Might still be there. Didn't check the price but I think it's under 1k
  11. So I am gathering that BNY and BG carry the large trio but NM does not? The leather is $1150, correct? TIA!
  12. Thank you now to decide with or without the strap?? Any opinons?
  13. With!!! You can always tuck the strap in the middle pouch of you want to carry it as a clutch I guess. Without the strap in my opinion defeats the purpose since its design is very simple already!
  14. My 2nd trio in yellow.
    2012-08-28 17.03.39.jpg
  15. It's beautiful. Congrats