Celine Trio

  1. Mine! I just gotta add mine in!:biggrin:
    It's a small Storm!!
  2. After using my trio for the past couple weeks, I haven another comment about the lining:
    it is so soft that I feel ok putting my glasses or sunglasses in the middle pouch without using a case. I think they will not get scratched in the nice, soft lining.
  3. wow!!! that's a nice color!!!:smile:
    didn't know that the Trio came in storm!
    lucky you!:p

  4. i agree! i thought the same! :smile:
    the inner lining is soo soft & smooth to the touch! just like the actual leather! :smile:
  5. Congrats AksInLvoe!!!
    we are bag twins! :smile:
    Enjoy! ;););)
  6. I have a small Storm too. This color is so versatile. Love it so much.
  7. We are baggies twins!!! Haha! I love the colour so much, it's so neutral! And the bag packs in so much!
  8. Where did you get the storm Trio, girls?
  9. I finally got to see and touch a trio IRL. I am definitely getting this! It is sooo soft, I love it! I have been patiently waiting for the burgandy color, but seriously no one has it! Anyone know?
  10. Did you try Bergdorf Goodman? I think I saw it there several weeks ago.
  11. I havent checked there. Thanks! does any one have SA info? I don't have a BG in my area.
  12. Does anyone know where to find a Trio in canada? I desperately want one in burgundy :shucks:
  13. There's currently a burgundy one on eBay!
  14. I'm sad, the strap of my large Trio broke off. I'm so devastated :crybaby:. I don't even carry a lot and my bag is not heavy. I was walking
    in the restaurant when I just felt the bag slip from my
    shoulder and fall on the ground.

    I just emailed Crystalla and DF. I can have it repaired locally but I feel
    somewhat cheated to get a defective bag. Day is now ruined.
  15. Finally joining this club. Will post pics later. :woohoo::woohoo: