Celine Trio vs Chloe Marcie


Nov 6, 2012
I have the Trio and I love it! I actually bought the Mini Marcie but ended up returning it. I do love the saddle bag shape but it's actually sort of hard to get things out of if you have a larger cell phone or even a mid-size wallet.

The trio can be dressed up or dressed down so you could wear it during the day and also for a night out. I felt that the Marcie's bohemian look was more casual.

The Trio's compartments allows me to find my things easily and I like how I can separate the pouches to make a clutch.

The one thing to be aware of though is that you may need to be a bit careful when putting things into the Trio. Since the pouches are not stitched together, I have on a few occasions dropped things when I slipped the item between the pouches.

Miss World

Nov 6, 2006
I have the Celine Trio and i love it. I like that it has 3 separate zippered compartments which are secure and allow my things to remain organised in my bag. The bag is very understated that it goes with everything. I have used this bag to run errands, go shopping, out for dinner and international plane travel and it has been a fabulous bag. I highly recommend it. However, i like the thicker strap on the Chloe Marcie bag, feels more durable and less likely to break or snap. :smile:
I vote Trio! I purchased a large Trio last month and have been really surprised by how much I like wearing it! Total understated luxury. The Chloe bag has such a seventies vibe to me while the Celine is transitional and can work with SO many outfits!

good life

clockwork orange
Nov 1, 2010
Trio!!! I have the larger black one. It fits so much. Recently, I bought a second one in cobalt blue, now I can mix them, I love that possibility.

Went to Europe for 2 months last summer. Brought 5 bags with me (Trio, Goyard tote, Birkin, chanel boy and a YSL clutch). Love my Birkin but it got heavy. Never used the boy at all, the YSL clutch only a couple of times in the evening, but 85% of the time, I used the trio. Went with everything I wore, light to travel but large to fit a lot. Also when it rained, I was able to fit inside my jacket. It's a winner, can't wait to buy a third color.