Celine Trio vs Chanel WOC

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  1. I realize this is the Chanel forum, but does anyone have experience with both of these bags? I know they are very different, the Trio doesn't have card slots, and the Chanel is much pricier. But they are both nice cross body bags with a slim profile. Any feedback is helpful!
  2. I have both. Are you talking about the small trio?
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    I have both and used the Trio far more than the WOC. Here's why:

    - Holds more than the WOC. Can fit a small wallet or cardholder, phone, keys or small key case, tissue pack, and small makeup pouch.

    - Has 3 pouches which allow for easy organization of items. You can unsnap the pouches and use them separately but I've never done it.

    - Leather strap is more comfortable after several hours of wear.

    - Holds barest of essentials e.g. cards/cash, lipstick, keys (no case), and phone but not much else. Might need to play tetris to fit all items.

    - Card slots are a pain to use. They're snug and I have to fumble around at hip level to pull out the card I need. I much prefer to pull out my cardholder and have access to all my cards at once.

    - Chain adds weight and and digs into shoulder by the end of the day.

    Both are small crossbodies but serve a different purpose IMO. The Trio is good compact day bag. The WOC being tinier is better for nights out and turns into a clutch when you tuck in the chains.

    I do see a lot of ladies use their WOC during the day but I personally can't pare down that much. Since owning the WOC for almost 10 years, I've probably used it only a handful of times; it's not a practical size for me.

    These days I need bigger bags, so I haven't used the Trio for quite a while. But when I go on vacation this summer, I may bring it as my compact evening bag. I don't like travelling with my more expensive bags. As for the WOC, I'm keeping it to pass on to my daughter. :smile:

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have questions!

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  4. Yes!
  5. Thank you so much! This is super helpful!
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  6. I would go for the trio! I'm a Chanel lover and a small-bag type of girl but I've never liked the look of the WOC. The chain is often too long (for many body frames, anyway), and I just can't get over the proportions of the bag against the body; I feel like it's unflattering and I personally feel like a huge giant playing with a baby's bag when I wear it. (And I'm pretty petite and average figure!)

    The trio seems very very practical and just very functional overall.
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  7. I have both and I can’t agree more with all the above answers! Celine trio hands down! It combines the practicality of a crossbody bag and the luxurious touch of lambskin. Oh by the lambskin is super tough and durable. In fact I’m using this bag right now on a weekend trip. LOVE it!!

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  8. I have the trio and it is by far my most used small bag. Primarily because it’s not actually that small and can hold a tonne of stuff! I had the WOC and sold it as it was way too small for my needs so absolutely agree with the posts above; Trio hands down!
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