Celine Trifold Clutch on Chain Bag

  1. Hi, I thought I'd start a thread on the new Celine Tri-Fold Clutch on Chain bag. It's the mini clutch version of the trifold bags. I haven't tried it on yet but I think it would make a nice alternative to the Trio bag. Has anyone tried on or own this bag? Would love to hear opinions or reviews. :smile:
    IMG_6403.jpg IMG_6404.jpg IMG_6409.JPG IMG_6410.JPG IMG_6416.jpg IMG_6418.jpg
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  2. Here are some more pictures of the Celine Trifold Clutch On Chain bag.
    IMG_6400.jpg IMG_6402.jpg IMG_6406.JPG IMG_6407.JPG IMG_6408.JPG IMG_6411.JPG IMG_6420.jpg
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  3. I have this bag in Black Natural Calf with Silver hardware! It's cute and easy to transition from day - night, but I find the chain to be a bit uncomfortable!
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  4. Oh wow! I'd love this bag in Tan natural calf. Yes the chain is my only concern as I'm used to wearing leather straps during the day. I think I might still get one though I think it's very chic.
  5. I was considering purchasing one for travel/to use as a crossbody but in the end I felt that having such a super thin chain strap for a bag that measures 11 x 8 in. wouldn't work. I thought maybe I could purchase a thicker strap for it but then I wasn't sure the strap clasps could fit into those tiny loops on the bag.
  6. Yes I would be concerned about the Thin chain strap for travel as well. But I do think the chain makes the bag a lot more elegant and chic as well. I might try and find a cheap Thin leather strap to use with it when I want to use it during the day or for travel.
  7. Another shot of the beautiful Celine Tri-Fold Clutch in Tan worn at Fashion Week. Her sunglasses are Celine 'Thin Shadow'. I know it's meant to be a clutch bag but I'm glad it comes with the removable chain strap because I hate holding clutches in my hand for long periods of time, especially when traveling or with kids.
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  8. Looks beautiful! This bag is in Havana Natural Calf!

    They haven't made the Trifold bags in Tan yet!
  9. Thanks for letting me know it's Havana and not Tan, I wasn't sure of what the exact color was called. I love Natural Calf :nuts::heart:
  10. Oh WOWEE! Thanks so much for posting these Miss World!! I love it & will be contacting my SA today to see if she has any...that soft blue is dreamy! I will be "yelling" :lol:;)at you though if i buy one as I'm trying best to just enjoy what i have!
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  11. Haha oops sorry :lol: it is a lovely bag which didn't have a thread on here so I thought I'd share. I definitely want one too! Blue is dreamy. Let me know what you think of the bag if you get a chance to see it.
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  12. I will definitely let you know! I can't get back out to her for a few weeks. Thanks again for posting it!:flowers:;)
  13. Is this color the "washed blue"? I've been eyeing the Tri-fold bag in that color. It's gorgeous although in person, the color is bluer (with a cerulean hue) than some of the pics.
  14. I've not seen it yet in person...my Neiman Marcus did not have it yesterday when i was there. If i see it i will let you know!
  15. Thanks, would really love to hear your thoughts on that color! I'm pretty color shy when it comes to bags but am trying to venture out of my black/navy/grey zone!
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