Celine Tri-fold or Cabas Phantom?

  1. I'm going to purchase my first Celine:smile:. I do want a premier quality bag for everyday use, so the colour could be Taupe. But just not sure if a tri-fold or Phantom? Which one is better for work?
  2. Vote for the trifold! Its more versatile as it can easily be carried on the shoulder and i believe it’s not as heavy as the phantom.
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  3. Cabas Phantom for sure. I've owned both styles. I've let go of my Trifold already, but the Cabas Phantom is one of my favorite handbag designs to date!
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  4. I had the same dilemma but ended up going with the cabas phantom. I love how laid back and functional it looks. I will keep you posted when it arrives!
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  5. Excited for you getting a new/first Celine!! I don’t have a Phantom (although i know what they are) but i do have a black TriFold & absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it & highly recommend it for work. It holds a lot; has amazing interior organization & the 3 sections are just fabulous. I also do not find the bag heavy. Good luck deciding!
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  6. I have both and love them equally. However my trifold is the small size as I wanted it to be a handbag only so the height isn’t much. @Kendie26 has the medium size and has posted lots of info on the trifold threat plus some great pictures. The cabas has no zip closure and is much taller but has just the one large compartment - if you are going to be carrying any really large items you may need to consider this, I can stuff a jacket in my cabas but not my trifold.
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  7. Thanks for it! Yes, I do prefer Tri-fold but just considering the phantom is a little bit lighter. Thanks for your information!
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  8. Thank you! I would like the medium size Tri-fold as I do want a shoulder bag.
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  9. Thanks for your vote:smile:
  10. I can't wait to see your phantom! I think both of them of gorgeous! But they look quite similar so I can only choose one:P
  11. Which size of trifold do you own? I just compare the medium size with the phantom. Do you think their capacity is similar?
  12. The cabas phantom arrived today. The taupe color is gorgeous. I was wearing true grey today and the bag definitely has brown undertones in comparison to a true cool grey. I got the medium size, and unfortunately the bag does not stay on my shoulder so most likely I will not keep it! I will try and take a picture in better lighting tomorrow.
  13. Is it too big to stay on your shoulder? Or if the strap not thick enough?
  14. I think it’s because the straps are a bit thin and slip- I tried overlapping them, but it still does not stay on my shoulder. I did not try it with anything besides the stuffing in the bag. Tomorrow I will try it again and update!
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  15. This is the taupe medium. 3D5B4742-BA96-4B37-B9B8-38E84293C3DE.jpeg