Céline Tri-Fold Bag

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  1. Thank you so much Kendie and of course we can consider us quits now - you with the box and me with the trifold :lol:

    I’m loving it and yes the colour is probably my favourite and it matches my recent new bracelet [emoji170] :hugs:
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  2. I just spent 10 minutes dreaming my way through this thread. I would also be game for the small, so I'd love to hear how it wears and holds up. I worry about those sharp corners getting rubbed quickly. Congrats again! :hbeat:
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  3. Congrats @BigCherry, :happydance: so glad you got it! it’s a gorgeous bag and the blue is so versatile, so easy to dress up and down! I tried on the small size in washed blue in store and really liked it too! (Honestly I don’t find much of a size difference bet small and med.) Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :hugs:
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  4. Thank you [emoji4]

    This shade of blue is fantastic, such a perfect cool tone. I always stick with small size Céline bags because they can come up quite large and I often buy from pics. Namely yours and Kendies this time :lol:

    Thank you for buying yours because without it I wouldn’t have had that final push but please don’t buy any more gorgeous blue bags and tempt me :roflmfao: :hugs:
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  5. Has anyone seen the vertical ( I think its called) tri-fold? i believe it only comes in black smooth leather and grey-ish khaki? I have been searching for a bag that I could wear for work that isnt an open tote and was considering the vertical one, as Im not sure the horizontal trifold is large enough?
  6. Yes, i did see vertical version recently at Neiman Marcus. I'm sorry i did not pay attention to color (but I'm almost positive it was black)& didn't pick it up/try it on so i have no info other than the fact that NM definitely ordered vertical style...hopefully you have a NM store near you! Good luck!:flowers:
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  7. This bag is just so beautiful. I love the simplicity of it, and it just appeals to me for so many reasons. I have been searching YouTube and cannot find a single video on it though. The pictures on here are so beautiful but I wish I could see it live. It has been out long enough now so I wonder why no one has reviewed it.
  8. I’ve come to to the conclusion that the Céline fans are not synonymous with You Tube. You can find every trendy IT bag on there but personally I find Céline to be an under the radar and quietly refined elegance which may be why there are no reviews.

    I’ve promised @MustLuvDogs a review and I shall be in a position to do this in about a week or two so keep an eye out [emoji4]
  9. Congratulations! Absolutely love this colour! Such a great blue, classic and wearable. Thanks heaps for sharing. Hope to see more pics in the future of your new bag.
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  10. Thanks @Miss World and also for all the gorgeous bags you have posted. It doesn’t help me resist though :lol:

    I am loving the colour so much and have no problem adding pics :hugs:
  11. Yes :yes::yes::yes::yes:more pics/mods pretty please!!!!
  12. Hi Girls! I have one question for you. I just found out about this bag and I immediately fell in love. Would love to know if the burgundy one comes only with gold hardware or with silver as well and if comes in both kinds of leather... Please, help me in making the right choice... I need to write Santa :smile:
  13. Tri-fold owners, are you still loving your bags? :smile: How are those corners on the front and back sections wearing over time?

    I am sorely tempted to get one, but I've never seen one IRL yet...
  14. Still love :heart::heart:mine...truly a favorite. My corners show no wear & it’s even taken a nose dive off of my front car seat on 2 occasions from having to slam on car brakes.:annoyed::lol: Highly recommend the TriFold. Good luck deciding!!
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  15. I’ve had one for two months now. Used it pretty much everyday and gets a fair amount of wear and tear, supermarket trolleys, left on the floor etc and it’s still perfect condition. The only two things I’d point out is that the outside compartments are next to useless, so narrow you can’t really keep much in them so for a bag this size it doesn’t hold as much as you’d think but all the folds make it heavy- like a lot of Céline bags. There are handy little pockets in one side though which I use to keep my phone handy. The other thing with it is that it doesn’t hold its shape that well when it’s open , it tends to spread quite wide unless you use the thin straps to tie it shut, or zip it which I rarely do. That said it’s a beautiful bag which is versatile and looks great with lots of different looks. I shopped for ever looking for a no/minimal hardwear black tote for everyday- went out to buy a luggage tote and came home with the trifold and haven’t regretted.
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