Céline Tri-Fold Bag

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  1. I’m just wondering how tall you need to be to be able to hand carry the trifold. Christine Lampard is quite tall, maybe about 5’7.
  2. I carry the medium Tri-fold and I'm only 5'4". The handle drop is long enough to carry comfortably on the shoulder too.
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  3. Thanks eckw :hugs:
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  4. I'm 5'10. Trifold small of medium looks fine on my. However, the vertical just take over my entire torso. Everyone agreed it overpowered me lol
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  5. What I wouldn’t give to be 5’10 :lol: you lucky lady, but at 5’4 imagine what the vertical would do to my torso. There are some great bags but having a dog means my bags don’t always stay on my shoulders and I don’t like hand held to be grazing my ankles.
  6. Bahahah ma laughing because I have 3 large dogs so that is very true [emoji23]
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  7. Hello lucky ladies with a tri-fold bag :smile: I was wondering if anyone of you have any thoughts to share with me. I bought a tri-fold black small bag on eBay, and this is my first Celine bag. I am far from an expert, so would any of you know what clues to look for in a fake / authentic? As far as i can see on the photos, its authentic, and I am waiting for it to arrive in the post to further investigate it. All help is much appreciated, as it is an expensive bag, and i would hate to wear a fake one. I have of course also posted in "authenticate this" thread, but wanted to cover all possibilities :smile:
  8. Post on the authentication thread. Read the first page first for necessary information.( link, seller, photos etc)
  9. Thanks Ashlie, I have already posted on the authentication thread.

    Just wanted to see if any of you ladies had any tips for me on what to look for, in case my post in the authentication thread isn't valid due to deleted link (as I have bought the item). :smile:

  10. Best to pay for 3rd party authentication service, costs less than $10 and your inquiry will be answered for sure. Take all pics of bag upon receipt. Try A4U for one.
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  11. Thank you kindly for the advise :smile:
  12. Some of you may remember that I was offered a trifold back in Autumn 2016 and I declined for various reasons. Then I saw @Kendie26 with hers and I became very interested again. I debated the poudre colour and asked question after question to her about the bag and again decided not to go for it.

    Then I saw the washed blue colour and fell in love with it so started considering it again. It was @eckw showing off her washed blue that tipped me over the edge and I just had to have one.

    I asked my SA but the colour was no longer available in Europe. He then came back to me and said if I was sold on having it that he would ask his merchandising team in Paris to source one. There was just the one left and it was in the Middle East. It took a month to arrive and I went to Ireland to collect it at the weekend but due to the storm the stores in Dublin closed. I flew home the next day without it but my lovely SA posted it to me free of charge and it arrived yesterday.

    Here it is... in the small size [emoji170]


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  13. Congrats Big Cherry! [emoji7] This bag has been at the top of my wish list ever since I saw Kendie's pics too. Love this blue color. Would love to have a mini review after you've had a chance to use it.
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  14. :ps: :clap: :sunshine: :love::yahoo::loveeyes: You have no idea how tickled pink (or tickled blue i should say:lol:) i am that you bit the bullet & tried one!!! Such a gorgeous color in your favorite blue!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO girlie!!! Biggest Congrats again!!!!:drinks::girlsigh::love::heart::heart::heart:
  15. Thank you @MustLuvDogs :hugs:

    I would be happy to do a review of course as I have been using it the past two days and will continue for a while yet. Kendie did post a while back about her medium size as I was asking soooo many questions but mine is the small [emoji4]
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