Celine tri colour reveal!

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Sell my celine to get a Chanel Maxi flap (black with gold hardware)?

  1. Chanel Maxi flap

  2. Celine Mini

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  1. Hey everyone! So I've finally joined the Celine club and decided to upload a picture of my Celine. I purchased it a year ago almost and have hardly carried it, I found that its very heavy and was even thinking of selling it to get a Chanel maxi because I have been wanting that bag for ages now, but I couldn't let go of it!

    What do you guys think, is anyone facing the same issue with their bag being a little heavy? I'm also afraid it won't be an "it" bag for too long :sad: Should I keep or get the Chanel instead?

    Thanks everyone!

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  2. I don't have the pleasure of owning a Celine or Chanel bag, but if I did, I would get what I really want. So I would get rid of the Celine bag and get the Chanel bag that I really wanted and know it's love when I wear it. I wouldn't worry about the 'it' bag and get a want, but I'm not fashion forward as it's called but that's my 2 cents.
  3. Thanks for the advice!
  4. If weight is an issue the Chanel maxi will get very heavy as well...with that being said I prefer Chanel!
  5. What a beautiful bag! If you're not using it, I would get what I really want though. I hear you about it not being a classic but I truly think it is :smile: Its a lovely, neutral piece.
  6. Me too I prefer chanel, but I guess I just love how bold celine bags are. It was so hard to get my hands on this celine! Ps, the chanel price increase is ridiculous! Im going to have to save up for a long time so i could afford it :sad:

    Thanks for your opinion :smile:
  7. Thank you! Do u think its a classic? I hope it is, coz I would hate for it to be so out of season in a year or so! The chanel prices have increased from 15% to 20%! its crazy expensive and will probably take me forever till I can afford one. Oh well, thanks a lot for your opinion! :smile:
  8. The color combination is amazing. You should keep it.
  9. No problem :smile: I think it definitely has staying power. However, Chanel is truly timeless. I would just hate to see you let go of such a unique bag! At the same time, if your not using it....BYE! Lol Good luck, I so feel you. Decisions, decidions....
  10. Yess what you said right now is exactly how I feel! Thanks, its a tough decision but hopefully i'll make one that doesn't lead to regrets!
  11. Ahhh i'm so confused!