Celine Trapeze Vermillon Orange

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  1. Hi all,

    I just secured this trapeze this morning. I got a call last night from an SA to tell me that some Celines would arrive in the morning. She couldnt tell me any styles or names. As soon as the store opened I ran to the Celine section to grab what I could, as Australia doesn't receive many. There was only 4. The black on black, black with white flap, Vermillon orange and some beige colour (new to celine so no idea with names).
    I'm glad I secured one but somehow I feel like it was a bad idea?? I had my heart set on a tri colour beige but ultimately I'd get that dirty within a week and would be annoyed at handling it with care all the time.

    I guess I want you ladies to tell me it was a good idea to get the vermillon :sad:

    Thanks for reading!
    image-3004735601.jpg image-2660116159.jpg

  2. You'd probably be doing the same with the black and white one? :graucho:
    Congratulations on your Vermillion trapeze! I think it's a lovely colour! But ultimately it's your bag and you must be comfortable with it. I have black bags (non-Celine) and I hardly carry them nowadays. Given the choice, I would've picked yours in a heartbeat.
  3. it was a very good idea. vermillion is a great pop of color, and looks fantastic on you. enjoy your new bag!
  4. i have the vermillion trapeze in large!
    I love it! the pop of color is great!
  5. I also love the vermillion, gorgeous!! and something different from plain old black and white. Congrats!
  6. The vermillion is a lovely colour, personally I'd have got the b/w though...
  7. my vote definitely goes to the vermillion, it's an amazing colour and it looks amazing on you!
  8. oh i may need to give djs a visit to see this new stock! i agree with ur choice though! vermilion is a great pop of colour :smile: congrats!
  9. Definitely goes for the vermillion! :biggrin:
  10. Thanks for everyone's feedback! I'll have to make the orange colour work with me!!
  11. They sold out 9:30am this morning! There was only 4 trapeze's, 2 luggage, one black phantom.
    I've never had to run for a bag before. I felt quite silly lol
  12. Lovely trapeze! Is it that difficult to get real Celine there?
  13. oh wow
    ive been to djs twice this week and only saw cabas... not even a glimpse of any of the bags mentioned! i even uploaded a pic of the stock from the other night here
    i don't see ppl with celine in the streets of Sydney as much though...
    djs is the only place in Sydney that stocks celine i believe. i got my bag though Christine's in Melbourne who has a much bigger variety.
  14. I love the Vermillion. It looks great on you, congrats!
  15. Vermillion hands down, you will be surprised how versatile the color is! Enjoy!