Celine thin knot bracelet

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  1. Well, technically this is a cuff.

    It was so hard tracking this down in a size S. The M fits but is loose and does not look as good. The S is more fitted and since this is a cuff, I dont have to worry about accidentally swinging it off my wrist and losing it somewhere.

    I wear the Hermes KDT in size S and the Cartier love cuff in 17 (or Cartier love bracelet in 16). The opening of the thin knot cuff is about 2.5cm. I have to wriggle it a little to get it through my wrist. But after that, it sits close to my wrist and doesn't move up and down too much.

    The opening of the cuff for the size M is 3cm. For those contemplating the thick cuff (which is thicker than the 2011 one, says the SA), it is better to get a cuff that is true to size as the weight will really cause the cuff to shift a lot more.

    So this is how the S looks if anyone is wondering. This is the rose gold. There is yellow gold and silver as well in S, M and L.

    (Sorry, was it too much information? GAH)

  2. Looks great on you. I also had ordered this in the rose gold but I didn't end up liking the feel of an open cuff and I ended up returning it.
  3. Thanks! I made the mistake of ordering a Bottega cuff a size too big too and hated it (am stuck with it now). At least you could return the knot cuff!
  4. I tried on the YG larger knot cuff in medium. Very nice, but I didn't like the fit. Congrats.
  5. Rose gold is so pretty against your skin color! Congrats! :smile: