Celine Sweden


Jun 22, 2014
Has anyone bought from Celine store in Stockholm? I was just wondering if the prices on the Celine website is the same as the prices in store?
I have been thinking about the small Cabas Phantom for several months now and I have finally decided on gray color, there is just something about the Celine's gray and I normally do not like gray color. Anyways, it's 16000 SEK on Celine.com and 14200 SEK on 24s.com, but it's unfortunately out of stock in gray color on 24s.com. I can wait until it's back in stock on 24s, but if the in-store price is closer to the 24s price, then I will go to the store and buy it?
I'm just not comfortable with calling the store and ask....but I will do it if no one here knows.
The price on 24s is actually usually in euros automatically converted into SEK. A lot of the time, it's cheaper than local prices these days. The SEK is not pegged to the euro, so the price should fluctuate depending on the value of the SEK compared to the euro and the prices on 24s should fluctuate accordingly. You will be charged in euros or whichever other currency you choose ( Orders can be paid in EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, CHF,HKD, AUD, CNY, or KRW including all compulsory taxes and fees. ).

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Thank you so much for your info. I will patiently wait until 24s get it back in stock. When I first saw the price difference some months ago, I thought that Celine have raise their prices and 24s haven't updated the prices on the website yet.