Celine Sunglasses - Post Any Pictures and Questions Here!

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    The second one

    This one look off to me but I never had Celine before.

    Thank you

    131D9E05-A94E-4D59-89C8-B910026EB3EB.jpeg C8095A07-68FF-48C0-9C9F-B3DBECBD1633.jpeg C9CB00A5-287D-4AA3-A5A1-C04EC381BE5D.jpeg 49B0F06D-181E-4038-B167-8643B4358FB9.jpeg ADCCEAB4-C2A3-4C93-A468-1A12E5426FF4.jpeg D41C9EC3-A2F9-4879-B2F1-F7BA35A1A31B.jpeg AF2ADDD9-15E1-4FCB-8BE8-CDCA1D6B82EC.jpeg
  2. Hi Miss World,

    Thank you for your reply. Would there be any specific thing you would like to see from the sunglasses? I’ll retake picture for you.
  3. AD027AB3-614B-4F40-B843-A9E940E1E7E2.jpeg C131E855-4EF2-48E6-A017-17CCD54AF43B.jpeg 4B4D359E-C519-4503-A99F-0F23421AEE58.jpeg AD027AB3-614B-4F40-B843-A9E940E1E7E2.jpeg 4B4D359E-C519-4503-A99F-0F23421AEE58.jpeg AD027AB3-614B-4F40-B843-A9E940E1E7E2.jpeg 4B4D359E-C519-4503-A99F-0F23421AEE58.jpeg Can anyone kindly help me to authenticate this Celine sunglasses? Bought online from reputable seller but I’m not 100% sure
    C95FF345-9485-4F14-B2DD-A501CB9BCAE2.jpeg 96292FAC-6CA0-409B-A0F6-8DC37E559492.jpeg D24B7E0B-224F-4C93-B005-3D662AAE0EE1.jpeg 297A3DCC-CCC3-4DCE-94C5-6C7B1C0B730B.jpeg
  4. Can anyone confirm that these Catherines (41098 S) are authentic and Asian fit? Some listings I’ve seen for this smaller size have “CELINE” on the outer left temple, while these do not. I also don’t feel like these nose pads are wide/elevated enough to really be Asian fit... the frames still sit low on my nose. There is a Nordstrom Rack tag attached to them. I bought them on Tradesy and have 4 days to initiate a return. Please help!
    40C84815-08D6-4635-BF65-7839D2875DDA.jpeg E366CA2B-A740-4E6D-9DF7-07A0B5BA2AD8.jpeg 72B80346-5487-4069-A446-C746F6F2E780.jpeg E7146048-C01A-4EDE-ADE3-0CE8EA95114A.jpeg DB9E444C-2686-4CE9-B4A4-74A1BBB321C6.jpeg 40FB95AC-FA7D-480E-B524-8A118AEA925B.jpeg
  5. Hi, does anyone know if the names of sunglasses have been changed? I’m trying to look for the Catherine style, but no luck. Styles look the same, but is quality still there?
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    Yes they did change all sunglasses references back in 2017. They now work with a new manufacturer which is why they changed all their references (my SA told me so). I do not remember the new name for the Catherine design sorry! But give them a call to inquire; they should be able to tell.
    Ps: I was told the quality was improved too.
  7. Thank you for your help!
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  8. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Hey guys! I bought these Celine Edge sunglasses off of Poshmark and was wondering if they were authentic? Any tips on what to spot would be great! Thank you
  9. I am not sure if you kept the sunglasses, but these are authentic Celine Catherine 41098 Small Asian Fit sunglasses. :smile:
  10. Hi Hannah Zhang, these are authentic Celine Edge 41468 sunglasses. Cheers :smile:
  11. Do you all think the shadow is still on trend? Will it ever go out of fashion?or a classic to stay?