Celine Sunglasses - Post Any Pictures and Questions Here!

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  1. IMG_5178.JPG My Céline glasses
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  2. Love them! I have been eyeing those round ones at the front for a while.
  3. Heres mine with my XL Lugage Tote with Red Edgepaint. IMG_1503633482.364576.jpg
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  4. Cool shades! Love the colour of your bag! Is it a Mini Luggage or bigger than that?
  5. Hi sorry for late reply. Its from 2010-2011 definitely larger than a mini , am not too sure but i think its LARGE before the large was discontinued
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  6. Does anyone know if the 41098 are smaller version of the 41090? Normally I like bigger sunnies and I'm debating between these two but want the bigger size! Thank you in advance for your help! :smile:
  7. They are the same size however the Celine 41090 is the classic Celine Catherine model and it is the one you would find in most stores. It does not have the Celine name written on the side. The 41098 is known as the 'alternative fit' model as it has a higher nose bridge; designed for those who usually find that sunglasses slip off their small noses. It has the Celine name on one of the external arms. But they both look pretty much identical when worn.
  8. Thank you, I tried the 41098 on in Nordies but I felt like they were a little smaller frame wise than I'd like but fit my nose bridge fine! Maybe I should stick with those since I know they fit esp if they are the same size wise! Thank you Miss World, you are seriously brilliant :smile:
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    Miss World, I hope you don't mind me asking to confirm, on the 41098 they only have Celine listed on one side (I wish they listed it on both) where as the 41090 don't have Celine on either side is that correct? I haven't had a chance to get back to Nordies yet and I can't make up my mind (I want the Tilda also)! Can a girl just get them all lol!!
  10. Hi Brooke0502, from my understanding the Celine name is only listed on one side of the CL 41098. Celine is very minimal when it comes to branding, most of their sunglasses don't have the name. Tilda is a fabulous design too but don't think it has the name on the side?
  11. Thank you Miss World, I had no idea about the being minimal when branding, it does make sense though! Oh the Tildas are beautiful also, decisions decisions :cool: I will take one of each please and thank you :biggrin: thank you again!
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  12. IMG_1508043377.186199.jpg
    Bought this when I was in Paris.. out on picnic with me
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  13. I've just purchased a pair - Celine Marta 41093S Blue/Tortoise. Been a while since I've posted a photo/image on here, so it may be slow relearning process.
  14. could someone help authenticate these sunnies?? They’re Celine cl 41371/s. They feel great, strong hinges and thick frames, not flimsy. I found them at Marshall’s for $100 cad. I can’t seem any really trustworthy versions online but there are a few images of Allesandra ambrosio wearing them from 2016 so maybe just an older model..
    I’ve seen some Celine glasses with the line going across the bottom letters on the inside frame and some without.. wondering if that is a branding thing or something that makes them questionable. Thanks!
    21698BE6-FEDD-4909-A283-4D64D0C09A36.jpeg 764634D1-204A-4787-9F98-AEA9E5C4E43C.jpeg 6D11C519-B77F-461A-BD17-B49AAA28F398.jpeg 64045D05-5D6A-4028-9319-0332F7612DED.jpeg FCC206E6-C169-489E-9428-920F7B229854.jpeg 0CCEFC2E-045D-4F46-985A-BB2AEACD0079.jpeg
  15. have the baby audrey sunglasses discontinued?