Céline Sunglasses 2012

  1. hi beaux... its been a long time!!!
    yes Bergdorfs had a dozen of the 1755s last week freshly delivered...
    Ask for Oscar Huidor!!! Which celine are you enjoying the most? Ive bought and returned 2 ones in the past.. and maybe keeping this large audrey at last!!!

  2. Thanks to you I finally decided to order them!! I also ordered the Preppy in Honey Havana (the light tortoise), so I'm very excited!! Will post mod pics as long as I don't look ridiculous in them as soon as I try them on :smile:
  3. Hello! :smile: Good to know that they're still being made - I have a friend that's been searching for those so I"ll let her know. I love the XL Audrey and also my cat eye (butterfly) ones the best.
  4. Just ordered both and will post photos when I receive. The large Audreys I got are the original 1755s, not the new style.

  5. LOVE the wayfarers on you kbella! :cool:
  6. These look great on you. They're the classics though - not the wayfarer. I have both and the wayfarer are different.
  7. Thank you for the correction! :smile:
  8. ^^No sweat - just thought I'd mention it. Here are the wayfarers for those interested.


  9. Just an FYI...I just spotted some large Audrey's in black that are polarized at the Saks store at Bal Harbour.
  10. can anyone id these? please and thank you!!
  11. Does anyone find the audreys absolutely massive? I know I have a bit of a small head but still this is crazy..
    Unless there are multiple sizes and I tried the largest frames?
  12. The shape of those is 1751, or the 'butterfly'. At least thats what the sunglasses version are called. I've never seen them as glasses with blue frames before..interesting!
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    hey everybody,

    i am considering to buy the "old" audrey sunglasses or the new audreys.
    Unfortunately in my city is no shop with celine sunglasses- so I am not able to try these two. I am afraid that the "old" audreys are too big for my face. Has somebody comparison pics or could post modelling pictures?

    I like the round shape of the old audrey, but I like the fact that the new audrey is a bit smaller. :shrugs:

    Attached are some pictures of the old and new audrey.
    1. http://www.fashionsquad.com/wp-content/celine-audrey-large-sunglasses-001.jpg - are way too big imo. :sad: But on Rumy (picture 1) they don`t look that huge at all I think. :pout:

    I think Miranda is wearing the new Audrey, right?

    PLEASE HELP ME! :biggrin:
    old3.jpg new.jpg
  14. So Miranda is actually not wearing the Audreys, but rather the butterfly sunglasses that are much smaller. I have both, and actually find the butterfly ones too small for my face. The style is 1751. Hope that helps! I don't think I have seen any pics of the new audrey, but if I do I will share :smile: