Celine Sunglasses 2011- Where to find them?

  1. thanks handbagangel and bethc FOR YOUR ANSWER ;)
  2. In my country boutique there is plenty of Celine 2011 sunglasses
  3. Is there anybody who had successful deal with otticanet.it?? As I'm interested in their Celine 2012 new sunnies and it seems only them have it for sale online? Thanks
  4. I ordered a pair of YSL back in 2010. They took about 5 business days to ship it out. Seems like they place an order for it after you paid for the sunglasses. Shipping was via Fedex.
  5. As with my other sunglasses those numbers 50, 51, etc means the size of the glasses (width in mm of one of the lenses at its widest is 50mm or 51mm), the bridge gap or the smallest gap between the two lenses is 21mm . Hope that helps.
  6. Thanks for your input:smile: I was actually wondering why there are different measurements for the SC 1751 since it only came in one size. I'm trying to find out if there are others out there with 50mm printed instead of 51mm.
  7. I just ordered these from the Celine boutique, so I will let you know what mine say when I get them..but it won't be for several days probably :sad: And mine will be from 2012 so not sure if that makes a difference.
  8. Has anyone seen any modeling pics of these new Preppy sunglasses? I like the look of them but its hard to tell what they would look like on. Thanks!!
    Screen shot 2012-04-12 at 11.15.04 PM.png
  9. i tried on the Preppy and i think it'd be my next purchase :biggrin:

    does anyone know how much it retails for and whether CELINE is printed on either sides of the glasses? i didn't inspect it thoroughly when i first tried it on.
  10. I have to Celine glasses and on both of them CELINE is only printed on one side, can't remember which side.
  11. I would like them as well, but its so hard to buy sunglasses without trying them! Do you think they would be easy or hard to pull off?
  12. thanks, that's good to know!

    they feel rather secure and definitely less likely to slide down your nose bridge easily (as opposed to raybans). i don't think they're hard to pull off at all!
  13. Great!!
  14. I got the tortoise large Audreys today from the NYC boutique. When I asked for them, I was shown the originals and the "new" large Audreys, which were slightly flatter and more square in shape. I tried both styles on and preferred the originals on me. They cost $325 USD and came with the black velvet zip pouch, which I prefer over the old enormous white hard case.