Celine Sunglasses 2011- Where to find them?

  1. Syma - you are 100% correct! My SA mailed to TWO pairs of small Audrey glasses because in their system they're listed as "cat eyes" or "half cats" even though there is nothing "cat" about them! !$@^#$@%&%@ Such a hassle. So I'm still searching for the Butterfly glasses now. This has just be crazy!
  2. ^You are sooooo right. It is such a pain trying to find Celine sunglasses here as most of the SA's have no idea about the different styles and there is no Celine boutique or online website. I hope you find them soon!!!

  3. That is so weird. Mine are definitely not the Audry and like I mentioned before, all my packaging says semi cat. How confusing!
    I hope you can find a pair, what a hassle :sad:
  4. Did you buy them for Nordstroms? The SA I have been working with finally figured it out tonight. He said Nordies mis-labled their Celine sunglasses and had the small sized Audrey listed as the "semi-cat" when in fact they are the small Audrey. Here is a photo they sent me of both of them. He said they're really close - so if I hadn't sent the photo they wouldn't have discovered their error. I don't know if Nordies will fix this or no though in their system. He apologized profusely and said since it's tagged and listed wrong in their system there's nothing they could do. So basically if you order or ask for the "semi cat" or "cat eye" what you'll actually received is the small Audrey sunglasses. Ack. I guess they're so close in shape and size other customers haven't even noticed that they received the incorrect ones. I mean if the packaging etc. says "cats" then I would assume my glasses were right too.

    ANYWAY my worry is that now that I've found the right glasses - that they're going to be too small for me! I already thought the smaller Audrey were kinda small and it looks like the cat eyes (white pair) are even SMALLER!


  5. No, I got mine at Kirna Zabete in NYC. I'm sorry Nordies screwed up. I've seen that happen before with name of items being totally incorrect. I have not tried on the Audry so I can't help with size comparison. I can measure mine if that helps though.

    Width: 5 5/8 in
    Height: 2 in
  6. ^^You said you thought they were close to 54mm wayfarers though, right? You were lucky to order from somewhere that had it straight. I think I finally found them though. Here's the photo I received!:


    So by this friday I'll have:

    *LG. Audrey in tort
    *Small Audrey in black
    *tort butterfly
    *black butterfly

    (I think....)

    I'll be keeping the large Audrey (and I do mean LARGE!) and one of the butterfly glasses. I'll try to take photos of them all together before I return the ones I'm not keeping.

    Thanks ladies for all your help!!!!! :flowers:
  7. d/p ugh - sorry!
  8. Some great photos of them that I found in my searching!




  9. beauxgoris what a great search!! :tup: I'm glad that you finally found what you wanted! Readling all your posts, I just noticed that what I wanted at first WAS the butterfly, not the Audrey (I have the large audrey tort). I'd love to find one black butterfly, but I don't think it will be easy here in UK or Europe since I grabbed almost the last audrey... but I should check this!
    Thank you for all the info! Keep us posted what you will keep in the end!
  10. beauxgoris, thanks so much for posting the pics above, are those the large black Audrey or Butterfly??? Can't wait to see your sunglasses reveal....
  11. Oh my.... I want these. I'm glad you were able to track a pair or two down! I also got the Large 'Audreys' thinking they were smaller but they are too big on me.

    Love them on Miroslava Mikheeva.

  12. The ones I posted above are the butterfly in black. I also have the large Audrey in Tortoise and the small Audrey in black. Tomorrow the butterfly sunglasses will arrive in both butterfly and black THEN I get to see what I like and what I'll keep!
  13. OMG! My tort butterfly just arrived. They are the most perfect sunglasses I've ever seen. I'm still waiting on the black - hopefully they'll arrive today too. I don't think I'll be about to choose just one. Camera charging ladies!
  14. Can't wait to see your pics beaux. I'm going to have to live through your finds. I tried the large audreys on today and they looked totally ridiculous on my face, I guess my face is too small for these glasses. Do post modelling pics too.
  15. Still waiting for my black butterflies to show up. I'm worried they won't make it today and I won't received them to Monday since UPS doesn't do weekend deliveries. I want to do my photoshoot with all the glasses together. The butterfly sunglasses are 51mm - so just between the two most popular RB wayfarer style. They're very thick and the tort is unique, more stripey then usual tort glasses. They cat eye is subtle and not too much - just enough.

    I have the XL Audrey sunglasses too and I'm not sure about them. They WAY large and more of a fashion statement then classic like the butterfly or even smaller Audrey glasses are. Once I post photos I hope you guys will give me feedback.