Celine Suede Phantom

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  1. Hi, I am very new to Celine and is looking to get a suede Phantom. I have a question about the handles and inside lining. Are the handles made out of suede too (because I have seen some that are and some are not). And are the lining always black suede too? I would love to hear from those who has a suede Phantom and what they think of it. Thanks!!
  2. My favorite bag right now!! I just got an anthracite suede "small" phantom! I posted a pics and mod pics thread last weekend.
    The handles and the inside lining on my phantom are "regular" smooth leather. Just gorgeous. :heart:
  3. Gorgeous bag and you look amazing carrying it!! Btw, is the Kusama NF you have a MM or GM?
  4. Thank you! :smile:

    The Kusama NF is a medium.
  5. my SA had put a royal blue suede phantom on hold for me...
    but wanting a brown or green suede instead... anybody here has the royal blue suede and can convince me otherwise???? :smile:
  6. South-of-france's phantom is blue suede, I believe. She posted a link above. It is worth checking out :smile:
  7. Oops, her phantom is black, sorry.
  8. Nope, it's called anthracite and looks dark grey. :smile:
  9. Your bag is amazing south..........

    Is anthracite a new color? Love it...
  10. Thank you :biggrin:
    I don't know, it's my first and only Céline and I haven't found any info online...