Celine Streetstyle and Anyone with Celine

  1. Maybe I use the wrong word.:smile: But, I think a separation thread might be better since there were issues from some about it. I'd leave up to moderators.;)
  2. I agree that there should be two separate threads. But again - just clarifying that there wasn't an argument or debate, as I was the one who asked the initial question about separation. :cool:
  3. Meantime, back to pics.

    Cindy in Hong Kong,
  4. Ok, I get what you mean. Shall we just enjoy the pics? Thank you. I don't think we have to create an issue out of this? Hope you're not offended.:hugs::flowers:
  5. Cindy, model in Hong Kong
    Jaffe3.jpg Jaffe4.jpg
  6. Mummy-son day out in New Balance trainers & Celine bag,
    sathaircut_24.jpg sathaircut_35.jpg sathaircut_28.jpg
  7. In Atsuro Tayama dress and Philip Lim leather sleeve top (out for New York fashion week) + Celine bags,
    2nd-Anni-9.jpg 2nd-Anni-15.jpg nycday3_17.jpg nycday3_20.jpg nycday3_24.jpg
  8. Credits: Street Peeper

    Gaia Repossi in Paris & In Sydney, Jill Davison in Celine coat/belt
    gaia-repossi-celine.jpg jill-davison-celine.jpg
  9. not sure if it has been posted , btw CHRISTINE CENTENERA and her mini luggage [​IMG]
  10. Iffah, you've posted a lot of great pics. Thank you for the eye candy. I've never seen Cindy's beautiful green bag before. Does anyone know anything about it?
  11. christine centenera again:heart:

  12. love this total black , STYLEHEROINE blog
  13. [​IMG]from buynowbloglater
  14. Love this! The box looks so teeny and adorable!!! :tender:
  15. lol me too:love: ...and the HERMES agenda :drool: