Celine Streetstyle and Anyone with Celine

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    In consideration of debate between "Celebs with Celine" and "Celine and Streestyle", http://forum.purseblog.com/celine/celebrity-in-celine-634004-75.html; a new thread entirely dedicated to Celebrities.:cool:

    This thread is for bloggers or anyone with Celine. :graucho:

    *Moderators, hope this is okay.:flowers:

    Keep the pics coming, less chat, unless if we're talking about the bag styles, colors or dimensions. Negative comments, if it will create endless debates and potential resentment, keep to oneself as a respect for everyone.:peace:

    For a start, Ms Yoyo Cao, a fashion multi-label boutique owner in a vibrant Yellow ensemble spotted in Singapore.:sunshine: Credits: Style-Anywhere
  2. Credits: Toughlookdonthurt

    Nga from London
    IMG_6345.JPG IMG_6341.JPG
  3. In collaboration with photographer Jack Wills. Cindy, model/fashion blogger
    JW_Day28-copy.jpg JW_Day29-copy.jpg JW_Day218-copy.jpg JW_Day220-copy.jpg JW_Day219-copy.jpg
  4. In collaboration with photographer Jack Wills. Cindy, model/fashion blogger
  5. thanks IFFAH for opening this thread !!
    BLAIR From ATLANTIC -PACIFIC (already posted but she is so stylish)[​IMG]
  6. ^:coolpics:.

    I love browsing through Lookbook for some inspirations. The following who goes by Ms Hedvig. The 1st pic had her with Celine shoes & Celine bag, denim shirt by Celine and she's wearing Celine Sunnies (in white shirt).
    1900770_the one jeans from Cos, t-shirt by Balenciaga, coat from Oasis, bag and shoes by Celine,.jpg 1571466_13-Sep-2011.jpg 1459509_29-Jul-2011-2.jpg 1638190_10-Oct-2011-1.jpg 1912278_Hedvig-29.01.2012-1.jpg
  7. Ms Hedvig
    1919903_Hedvig-Opshaug-Trafalgar-SQ-LR-e1328291064877.jpg 1926265_Hedvig-03.02.2012-11.jpg
  8. Celine is known for its history and Ms Ivy Xu is rocking her vintage Celine bag (not sure of the name). Below is Mr Andre Judd in a tailor-made jacket by M Barretto. Last pic is Ms Maria Hamm.
    1141361_Untitled-4.jpg 1757019_me in green bomber jacket layout.jpg 1338368_lbtemplate.jpg
  9. Pics by Lookbook.

    (T-B) Ms Ivy Xu and Mr Curtis Yu
    1645573_lb187.jpg 1471597_gfh.jpg 1416144_pageds.jpg 961502_page.jpg 1681429_pagef.jpg
  10. Pics by Lookbook.

    (T-B) Mr Curtis Yu and Ms Ivy Xu
    934965_page.jpg 1605458_DSC04584o-horz.jpg 1807842_redxbeige.jpg 1906343_DSC00157.jpg 1799259_page.jpg 1250831_4dc4fde5eddc6c071100001e.jpg
  11. Pics by Lookbook.

    (T-B) Veronica Ferraro, Curtis Yu, Michelle and Chantal Li
    1572665_Picnik collage.jpg 1526309_page.jpg 1207778_IMG_9223_cg.jpg 1640241_IMG_1654_副本.jpg 1863279_look28.jpg
  12. Pics by Lookbook.

    (T-B) Nini in Celine Sweater, Veronica Ferraro, Marie Hindaker, Lena Dmitrieva, Cynthia
    1748372_celinepost.jpg 1732781_Picnik collage.jpg 1784897_4ee86ccfd535cf2eec00001e.jpg 1271052__.jpg cynthia.jpg
  13. Pics by Lookbook.

    (T-B) Marie Hindaker, Curtis Yu, Michelle Koesnadi of Glisters and Blisters (in Celine dress), Michelle (w/Vintage Celine bag), Kitten Masks and CJY
    1777634_lookbook.jpg 1666501_lookbook1.jpg 1193396_page.jpg 1525661_LB-2208.jpg 1900534_IMG_5471_副本.jpg 1886456_wegg-lb.jpg 1919203_newhair.jpg
  14. Wait - what debate? There was honestly never even a debate in the Celeb thread! :shrugs: Just to be clear! :okay:
  15. Pics by Lookbook

    (T-B) CJY and Emilie H
    1697982_ballyceline.jpg 1603013_01-2.jpg