CELINE SS11 Wooden Wedge - which one?

  1. I agree with the others who say either colour would be a winner.

    I do like the brown and tan colour combo. But I like the black/tan contrast (esp bc of the strap design...the black doesn't look too harsh, too bold or out of place if that makes any sense).

    Good luck and keep us posted with your choice!
  2. Both at this time!!! Cause they are so hard to find!!!
  3. Hey! Hope you don't mind me asking but do these run true to size or could you go up/down a size or half size? TIA! :smile:

  4. Hi DollyAntics! I'm happy to help and enable where possible ;)
    I think you could definitely go down a half size. I kept both the black and mahogany brown wedges - one is 37.5 & the other is 38. I prefer the look of the 37.5. I could probably wear the 37 as well. My usual size is 38 though I often wear a 37.5 in open toe.
    And for reference I wear 38 in Chanel, 38 in Isabel Marant Dickers & Bekett/Bazil.
    By the way, these sandals are fab!! They are the best!!! It's winter here right now and I miss wearing them :pout: :biggrin:
  5. In that particular style I prefer the black. I think it could be dressy or casual. In the other celine clog styles I prefer brown.
  6. Thanks so much! This is really helpful! I'm the same size as you (so guess i could size down slightly too!) and on the hunt for either colour! :smile: