CÉLINE Spring 2013

  1. I have them in my true size and they are perfect, but you could try to size up or down a 1/2 size, depending on your comfort and the width of your foot. I'll be honest, because of the way they are designed, with the single band across the toe, a lot of pressure is applied to that portion of the foot. Hence, they are not the most comfortable for standing for long periods of time (especially when standing around on hot summer evenings drinking wine :drinkup:), or for taking long walks on hot days, but they look so gorgeous, I don't mind one bit! I will say though that some of my other Celine sandals are much more comfortable...
  2. thanks so much for your help.
    im a true size 10 and wanted the size 40.. but the store only has it in 41 and hence i was hesitating...
    i have a feeling this will be too big.... maybe someday on evilbay!:biggrin:


  3. if this helps, I am an 8.5-9 (almost always a 9) and I usually take a 39 in Celine. I always try on Celine before I buy as the shoes can vary. However, I bought my bam bams in 39. I would say to try to find the 40, or hold out for spring 2013 as Cotonblanc did post photos from the showroom showing a new crop of bam bams in great new (and classic) colors
  4. Love these! They look so classic and decently comfortable too. Maybe this spring I will consider them...
  5. Thanks coton!! I really liked the low sandal version in those pics.
    Debating on the white wedges from winter. Soooo cute!
  6. When will the Spring season bags be out in stores? Will they still be in stores in April 2013? Or would that be the F/W collections?
  7. April should carry the full Spring 2013 range by then. But popular styles may already sell out by then.
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    I've not seen any Phantoms in this season other than the Croc. Won't stores keep bringing in more stock? Now I'm worried! I'll be in Paris end Apr and was hoping to score a Phantom!
  9. You ladies have any idea about the returning of pink luggage in 2013 ? I missed fluo pink and hope there will be aother pink to help me calm down myself...
  10. Its nice to have a fuschia pink though and violet or purple
  11. bump! ;)
  12. We did see a hint of a Fluo ORANGE in the Kirna Zarbete showroom pics! So maybe that is the Fluo for Spring 2013!
  13. I have a fluo orange mini from 2011, my favorite bag.
  14. Any idea how much are these BamBams? I want the lower heel too, it would be more practical, comfy & worth the price tag.
  15. The flat sandals were 540€ before tax deduction. Pics courtesy of DF.

    Would you think that the flat sandals would be okay on a guy? Looking back at these pics, I'm pretty taken!
    camel-sandals.jpeg camel-heel-sandals2.jpeg black-sandals2.jpeg black-sandals-heel3.jpeg