CÉLINE Spring 2013

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  1. Nice, Thanks for sharing
  2. Cotonblanc, do you know which bag is the "all soft" ? That name has popped up in these resort reviews as well.
  3. That would be the foldover Cabas with a shoulder (I assume) sling. It has a huge potential if they come in sizes and PLENTY of colour combinations. The permutations are endless...
  4. Oh, right! Gorgeous--love this, and the Edge. And, of course, the clothes...
  5. Thank you so much for posting! :love:
  6. bits & pieces. from KZ's fb, a sneek peek of Luggages in the background....
  7. beautiful!! thank you for posting!
  8. 538375_10150897128609389_761256866_n.jpg 269283_10150897050309389_1016627091_n.jpg 575883_10150896880469389_51934632_n.jpg
  9. the leopard luggage looks gorgeous! :loveeyes: can't wait to see more colors for the all-soft as well!

    thanks for sharing! :smile:
  10. I adore the red top! Thanks for sharing. When does Spring go on sale?
  11. Cotonblanc, i am still patiently waiting for the prefall collection to arrive in our local store and there u are tempting me with your spring 13 pics.. :p Serious damage to my wallet!! :o
  12. Thanks for sharing;) I LOVE apparel line the most!
  13. Thanks for sharing !! I must follow them all on Instagram !is this the medium shoulder bag !?
  14. omgggg the leopard luggage :heart: