Celine Small Vertical Cabas Tote availability and review?

  1. I just bought one, love the bag but a little uncomfortable with the open top. Does anyone add any sort of closure to keep things inside more secure?
  2. Yes!! Such a good everyday bag!
  3. The color actually looks nicer in giraffe123's picture!
  4. The new logo also doesn't say Made In Italy and is thus positioned differently
  5. I actually use a "babby baggu" Baggu reusable bag in there (the baby baggu is the perfect size) and gently knot it closed - and unlike a purse organizer, the reusable bag acts as a closure. I also find as long as it isn't full, the top of the bag generally closes in on itself anyway which is a really nice unexpected feature of the bag for me.
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  6. For me I don't feel insecure with the open top, as the bag is quite deep. If your purse/wallet is at the bottom of the bag, someones got to have a pretty good rummage to find it and I think you'd notice! However I do usually lay a scarf over my things too, just so they can't be seen so easily, therefore making actual rummaging harder, hope that makes sense?