Celine Small Vertical Cabas Tote availability and review?

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    Help please! I have fallen in love with this Celine Small Vertical Cabas Tote, there’s no Celine boutique in my country and the only retailer carries Celine doesn’t have it either. May i know if this bag is still in store or discontinued? I’m traveling to Japan and Taiwan next month and hope to find it.

    Also i’d love to know your thoughts on this bag, how much it can hold and how’s it holding up? Is it a carefree bag? Is the leather durable? Does it lose shape over time? What’s the pros and cons of this bag?
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  2. this is a nice bag, which i did considered to purchase.

    it is still available to purchase, somehow they will restock once it get sold.

    there are mixed reviews on this bag. you can watch some youtube reviews here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=celine+vertical+cabas

    one lady mentioned the leather is quite thin, she carried lots of stuff thus losing it's shape quite a bit at the strap area - it really depends on how you use it.
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  3. I just purchased it a few days ago from Sogo Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Was told by an SA in Landmark, Hong Kong that only one in Black in available throughout Hong Kong. Fortunately for me it’s available in Sogo, new pieces in Black as well as Abyss Blue. It’s HKD10500.

    It’s very new to me, just used it at work today. So I can’t comment about it’s durability. However, I love that it’s lightweight and holds all my daily items. I was considering the Small Phantom Cabas Tote but settled for the Vertical Cabas Tote as it’s something different from what I have in my bag collection.

    I think you should be able to find it. Abyss Blue is Winter 2018 collection and Black is their classic, so available while stocks last.
    I didn’t come across the bi-colour ones though. Good luck in your search! View attachment 4229491
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  4. I purchased the black one 2 weeks ago in one of the Duty Free shops in Seoul. The black wasn’t as easy to find but Seoul has many Céline Duty Free stores and I found it at the second one. Overall the stores had a wide selection of the style other colors and Bicolors. This bag is really popular with the Japanese, so I would expect the Japanese stores to have more stock. Good luck!
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  5. Dear Pupee, Nvie & Ihsu,

    Many thanks for your answers, hopefully i can see one in person in Japan soon. One more question though, do you personally find the leather of the bag thin and can it stand on it own without looking floppy? I have checked out YSL shopping tote and i find its material so thin and flimsy and doesn’t worth the price tag at all (lusted after that bag for awhile then i went nope by the first time i touched the bag). I’m praying it’s not the same case with Celine tote bags.
  6. Hello
    I can answer you cause I have had both (since sold the saint Laurent).
    The cabas vertical is quite structured and can stand on is own. The leather is thin but not floppy. The only thing I find is that the top of the bag "caves in" when worn with the shoulder strap. You can see this a little bit in the second photo you posted. Hope this helps.
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  7. I haven't started using mine yet, but don't think it looks floppy (especially when compared to other cabas bags in non-textured leather). I also ordered a Samorga insert to protect the inside and hopefully help keep its shape. Will be a few weeks before I get it!
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  8. I’ve been using mine as an every day bag over the last month. I bring it to work, to shop, to dinner...it’s lightweight and thin but structured because of its shape. I quite love it! 571AD3EB-82B5-4717-B448-4A4E16487280.jpeg
  9. This is a nice taupe
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  10. Hi there!

    I’ve had my Cabas since early May and it’s easily one of the best purchases I’ve made! Super easy to use bag and fits a lot considering the size of the bag. It’s also my go to bag for traveling now because of how light weight it is. Compared to the YSL version, the Cabas is MUCH more structured and the leather feels a whole lot better too. Hope this helps!
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  11. I love mine, had it for over a year, but not used constantly. I have a lot of bags and rotate. However its holding up well. Its a very useful size, fits everything I need for a day out. R0028003.jpg
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  12. I am looking for a bag inspired by this purse. The thin leather kinda freaks me out for the price of the bag. Can you link down lookalikes? I love this bag.
  13. is yours in Taupe color? i have a chance to get the Taupe and it's still with the old logo! should i..........?
  14. do you guys think the bag looks so differently with the new logo? or it's just me? :P
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  15. It's not just you, it does give it a slightly different look!