Celine small box bag problem

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  1. Hello guys,
    I got my small Celine box bag from their online shop. I got it and instantly noticed it has tiny scratch on the left side of the buckle (see the pic). I could send it back but they first have to make refund and I can only order new after that. They do not really exchange items it seems unless u bring it to the Celine shop which is not anywhere close to where I live. I wanted to have the bag for christmas so i thought, ok it is box leather it might even get a scratch later eventually, also the scratch is not so big (see the pic) and thought to keep it.
    Now I notice the closing buckle is moving left and right (very tiny big but still).. could anyone check on their Celine box bag if this is normal? To specify even more when u hold the closing buckle on the sides (see the pic) and move left and right, is it very solid or does it move a bit?
    15440108235475328449927824714192.jpg 15440108518464243089769195650616.jpg
  2. That doesnt look like a scratch. I think its a scar or something from when the cow was alive.
  3. That's what the scratches look like on my medium box. I'm not sure about the buckle.
  4. Hello there, you have picked a nice box. Is it Amazone or black?
    I, myself would not mind the scratch much. It does not look like an actual scratch, more like an unevenness in the leather surface. Its just my opinion, but I would think, this is ok, its part of your bag and makes it your bag. I know, this might sound silly but, to me it helps to think like that if its a minor mark. And here it does not even look damaged, just uneven. Plus you barely can see it.

    The loose buckle is another cup of tea. I can relate to your feeling that this is more of a real bother. I bought a small box a few weeks ago, also from the Céline online shop. The buckle does not move like you described it.
    However in my case I noticed that the spring of the clasp does not provide enough mechanical resistance. Even the slightest touch of the buckle opens the clasp. Its annoying, espeacially when I know how my other boxes feel when pressing the buckle to open the clasp. Well, I went with this issue to the Céline store where the SA told and showed me that its pretty much the same with other (small) boxes. In some cases the spring within the clasp ist firm and in some not. So they do not consider it an issue but of course I could have the bag being sent to Italy for a check up. It would take some weeks up to months. I'll pass that. Now I'm carrying my box with this loose clasp and think its the better choice.
    Bottom line, do you consider your box 'broken' or does the loose feeling 'only' annoy you?
  5. I would return and get a new one for my peace of mind.