Céline shoulder luggage

  1. Here are few modeling pics of the Mini and Shoulder both in black smooth leather. First two pics are of the Mini(handle shoulder drop not sufficient to fit over shoulder). Last three pics are of the shoulder luggage.





  7. How's the Shoulder weight on the shoulder when loaded? Is it a heavy bag in general? They both look good on!
  9. Hmm, good question. I haven't really used it because I don't like it that much(I like the mini better). I'll have to put some stuff in it and use it, then get back to you on that. I picked up one of the bags in the Celine store, it was a medium size(had never seen it before) in drummed leather with silver hardware. It was extremely heavy. I could barely hold it and that was without anything in the bag... Anyway, I'll get back to you on that
  10. My first luggage was a shoulder... i loved it... until i got myself a mini. Now I feel like it's too big and use it for travelling instead (similar to the bal weekender!) btw- I'm 5'6"...
  11. Thank you for the mod pictures. They both look very nice on you. I think "shoulder bag" is more of a winter bag that you can carry it over your jackets and coats pairing with booties or tall boots. It is nice to have both. But if you not loving it then you are not going to carry it as much, maybe resell it?
  12. mine is about 2.5 lbs which is the same as my mini, in terms of practicality i find it more comfortable than the mini because it's so easy to carry on my shoulder, i can manage the mini when i'm wearing thin layers but not as easily so it can be awkward and just seems heavier if that makes any sense?
  13. Hey ladies,
    I just got my Shoulder bag, it seems to be a bit slouchy and not as sturdy as the mini. Do you all feel the same way or is it just mine? Mine is a smooth leather
  14. i like the shorter handle. seems more 'proportioned'