** CÉLINE Shopping Finds & Intels ** NO CHAT

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  1. I've placed an order with Aloha Rag yesterday but a smooth black instead. I will try Bergdorf tomorrow morning if i can get hold of the anthracite. Now, kinda in a dilemma if they actually have it :sad:
  2. There is a standalone Celine boutique which if I recall correctly is next to the Chloe boutique. It is not in the main shopping area but rather between some gates. I know, very weird set up but there you go.

    Not sure about stock but since HK is a travel hub in Asia, I don't think you should have high hope of it having lots and lots of inventory......
  3. Kirna Zabete had the black trio in stock a couple of weeks ago when i ordered my navy trio. They also had the red and burgundy.
  4. anyone seen a mini or micro luggage in camel lately?
  5. would you mind let me know their emai, thanks!

  6. Glasgow had a Camel Mini £1200 on Saturday.
  7. Yes, I just purchased a black trio at Nordstrom in Seattle last week. If you are in the US, go to any Nordstrom and they can check to see which stores have availability. I was told that the stores most likely only received one in each color -- black, lipstick red, burgundy, camel, and one other color that I can't remember (maybe navy?). I have a camel color trio as well. The burgundy is also a very good choice, since that color goes with everything.

    Good luck!
  8. Anyone seen or heard about red small box for this season? I've been waiting for this one so long, but it seems there are only medium red... Thanks!
  9. I'm headed to Seattle at the end of the month, can you ladies let me know which Nordstrom location is most well stocked in terms of designer bags and Celine?

    Thank you!
  10. Either the Seattle or Bellevue stores. I don't believe either store will have Celine in stock as most pieces are sold from waitlists and never make it to the showroom floor. Sometimes they will have one or two of the less popular pieces available.
  11. My SA is going to have a black smooth nano available in a couple of days.. Serious buyer, Pm me for info :smile:
  12. Any idea where I can get a yellow nano? I. REALLY. WANT. ONE!
  13. thanks so much everyone! just bought a black one - am very excited.