Celine Sangle or Celine All Soft

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  1. Hello, I am thinking to get those Phobe Philo bags while I can in the second hand market!

    Am thinking between these 2. Any opinions would be appreciated!

    Thanks! Screenshot_20181014-201113.jpg Screenshot_20181014-201124.jpg
  2. I really love the first one! But both are gorgeous!
  3. Based on my research here from the older posts, the All Soft tends to be big and wide. Even in taller/bigger figure it still looks big.
    I'm not sure about your preferred silhouette, both serves the same pusposes with the same feature, except All Soft comes woth the pouch. Make sure you get the pouch if you decided on All Soft ! :smile:

    I personally like the Sangle shape better :smile:
  4. I heard that the all-soft is a lot more floppy and doesn't hold it's shape too well which would probably make it somewhat difficult to get in and out of. The strap for it is also not that wide which might make it uncomfortable over time. It is lighter though than the sangle seau and a little bit more secure since it has a flap. However, the all-soft is also pretty hard to find now as it was discontinued a while ago.

    I vote for the sangle seau as you can probably find it in more different colors as it's currently still available to purchase in boutiques. I also think it looks quite luxurious and the single, thick strap makes it comfortable to carry. I don't think the all-soft has any interior pockets while the sangle does and still has a clasp you can close the bag with. Either way you can't go wrong!
  5. the colour combi you show is love love!

    i personally prefer the look and feel of the all soft bag, and yes it doesn't hold it shape. nonetheless, you can get a bag organizer to solve that.
  6. I just recently bought the Sangle to use as my work bag and I LOVE it. I stuff it full with my laptop, lunch, gym clothes and more and it still doesn’t hurt my shoulders to carry because the strap is so wide and comfy. It’s also SUPER chic and understated and won’t lose its shape easily. I vote for the Sangle! :smile:
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  7. Thanks for all your replies!

    Yes, the worry for all soft is the shape. I'm only 5'2 so I suspect it may be really large n boxy looking. But the color combination of the all soft is gorgeous!
  8. I've got both and I don't consider the all-soft to feel particularly large or boxy. But then again, I've also got a horizontal zip cabas, and that's what I consider "large", so maybe it's just relative.

    The all-soft is fiddly to get into and out of, especially because of the way the strap goes through the flap, so you really can't get into it while it's on your shoulder - you have to put it down on a surface. Completely different with the sangle - very easy to get into and out of, including when it's hanging on your shoulder (although the shortness of the strap doesn't make it as easy as it could be). Overall I find the sangle much more practical and I've used it way more than the all-soft. But both are lovely!
  9. My vote goes to the Sangle. I think the style is more classic and won’t become dated with time. I have it in medium Kohl which i find v versatile although I would prefer a more narrow bottom.
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  10. I am also considering a Sangle. To me, it is quintessential Celine. The All Soft is lovely too, but I find it less sturdy and less practical...
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  11. The All Soft is so beautiful and one of the most stunning Celines.
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  12. Love the All Soft’s look more than Sangle, that said with me practicality always wins. Sangle is more practical imo, easy access and wide strap which makes the bag comfortable to carry, and if you want you can even change the strap for longer/shorter...So for me it’s Sangle (whichever you go for, it’s a good choice already :smile:)
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  13. I vote for the sangle in natural calf. You will love the bag :smile:
  14. I just bought my Sangle last week and have had the chance to wear it out a few times, including on a flight back home, and it's been great so far. The shape is lovely, the bag is roomy, and it's a breeze to get in and out of. The wide textile strap is very comfortable, even when the bag was filled with all of my travel paraphernalia. I have it in the pebbled leather, which is probably more durable than the smooth one of the All Soft.
  15. H
    Hi Kat,
    Mind posting pictures of your sangle? Do you have it in medium or small size ? What colour did you get and do you find your sangle heavy?
    I am considering getting a sangle, however there is not much colour option in store now. Sangle in taupe and natural calfskin looks good, however I am worried that natural calfskin will get too much scratches and might not last as long as the grain leather, and it cost Ard sgd$500 more than grain leather. Another option for me is to get the grain leather in black or taupe, however I am worried that the bag will be too heavy and I am already considering getting a cabas phantom in taupe. There is also not much option in the second hand market for Celine items too.