Celine Sales and Outlets

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  1. Does anyone know whether Celine goes on sale and whether they have outlets?
  2. Yes. Outside Paris near by Disney Land. I forgot the name but they has Celine outlet.
  3. Thanks! How about USA?
  4. Anyone know? Please help
  5. Hiya, do you have an address for this? :smile:
  6. There is a Celine outlet in Bicester Village, just outside London.
  7. I heard there are many outlets in Bicester Village. I gotta check that out when i visit London.:smile:
  8. Bicester Village outlets.
    36723117.jpg 65202239.jpg

  9. That outlet looks yummy!!!!:smile:
  10. La Vallee Village (Chic Outlet)
    HTH :smile:
  11. My fav place for shopping. I went there almost every weekends when I was student :smile:
  12. I just saw this posted on Mizhattan:

    Céline: Pre-sale will start on November 29th. Public sale starts on December 5th. Luggage totes are excluded from the sale. Discount: 30~40%

    Can anyone provide insight into what is included in the sale? Are accessories a part of this or just RTW?
  13. Hmm..that is interesting...RTW would definitely be part of the sale and maybe some accessories but definitely not bags like Luggage,Phantom, or Trapeze.
  14. What does pre-sale mean? Not for normal people I guess:P
  15. Is this presale online?