Celine s/s 2010: what do you think?

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  1. Wish I could say I liked it, as I'd love to be able to support Phoebe at Celine, but I just find the collection really dull, I'm afraid. :shrugs:
  3. I used to be a Celine lover. I've got both their Bittersweet & Boogie bags. But this season's line-up really leaves me disappointed. :yucky:Hope they produce sth more inspiring in the FW season.
  5. Thanks for all your replies. After reading them, I may want to think harder before I decide. I haven't heard great reviews about them. :shucks:
  6. ^ You should get what you like, christina! :yes:

    Don't listen to what we say! :nogood:

    No problem, BTW! :flowers:
  7. I saw this bag a couple of days ago when i was in Bangkok. i actually love it! very classy.
  8. I love them! Very Hermes-like, elegant yet understated. Phoebe has outdone herself!
  10. No, I appreciate all your replies. The thing is I'm in two minds about getting the bag (since it's not cheap) to begin with. So I wanted second opinions.

    I'll think about it a little more and decide. :smile:
  11. I agree with Chloehandbags. Ultimately you're the one who is using the handbag & you've got to love it. However, I guess it'd be delightful if the handbag you wear earns you lots of compliments.

    I've used Celine for decades & I could vouch for the quality of their leather & workmanship. They are not very popular in the US but here in Asia, they are much more desired. I have attached a photo of the HK Landmark Celine Boutique taken on Jan 3. You don't see much stock here. Pls be assured that they were not going out of business. They just couldn't restock fast enough.:lol:
  12. I think the collection with clothes/shoes and bags are fabulous! I love the sculptural designs in the clothes and the bags are understated luxury. Celine has always placed emphasis on quality and it shows in this new collection as well.
  13. I saw this collection in Seattle .... WOW!
    I've always been a Celine fan and will continue to hold on to my Boogies & Clandy, but I'm open to adding a new chapter to my Celine collection.
    I think adding Phoebe will be/is fabulous for the line.
  14. Superb!! Defo TDF!!
    I love the simplicity & clean yet sophisticated design. I'm not 'it' bag girl so I'd go for these, if I can afford it...