Celine rude customer service + list of authorized stores


Feb 15, 2011
So I called the celine store on Madison as I'm stuck on trying to find a particular tri color trapeze & wanted a list of authorized stores (not the obvious dept stores as I know which ones carry celine already) & the sa very rudely told me that she can only give the list of 5 stores (dept) bc anyone else could not be carrying authentic celine. Hello are you saying places like aloha rag (which I have bought from in the past) & ikram in Chicago (which btw is listed in bazaar as a place that sells celine) are not authentic retailers??? I was really taken back by the rudeness & given the fact that I was trying to purchase a bag from them is very disappointing! I understand some brick & mortar retailers could possibly be selling fakes but how about as a brand do your part & list what stores are "authorized" to sell your goods in North America!! Am I asking too much???

Damier Dork

Jan 15, 2010
New York
Not a very big fan of Celine on Madison bought one Phantom from them and asked them to call when a specific color came in. I've purchased many more from Barney's, Bergdorf's, and Saks BOS and receive pics and calls when they receive new arrivals.