Celine reseller on Instagram??

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  1. I hope this is the right place to post this and someone can help me. A while a go I was browsing on Instagram and came across a woman who had a lot of pictures of Celine, Hermes and Chanel bags. I suppose she is a reseller.. She was posting pictures of 12 Celine bags at a time and a lot of limited edition Chanel bags. If I can remember correctly she was from Miami.

    I hope someone can help me out cause it sure was a lot of eye candy!
  2. It's probably Prive Porter. I haven't bought from her yet but was also thinking about it. I follow her on Facebook. There are mixed reviews though...
  3. Was it Prive Porter? Personally I have had my shopping bestie have a funny experience with her. My friend had listed her cobalt phantom on ebay, and the next day her photo showed up on Prive Porter's IG as a bag for sale. My friend doesn't use instagram, so I told her that her photo was stolen and being used without her consent. She contacted Prive Porter, who then said she was intending on buying my friends bag, and had just listed it for sale before hitting buy it now. Okay...?

    Anyway, Prive Porter did end up buying my friend's phantom and then turned around and sold it to one of her followers for more money. That must be why she has access to so many bags.
  4. that sounds bad!! I saw Prive Porterall over malleries and about to purchase a bag...have to reconsider again
  5. Noooooooo I just bought a bag from her today! I'm trying to have the photos she sent me authenticated but I doubt they will do it since she doesn't have a link. I was confident in her because she sells to celebrities but then she tried to have me wire transfer the money t her bank and when I asked for PayPal she charged me 3% more. She says all sales final but I'm hoping since it's through paypal and on my Amex I can dispute if it's counterfeit.
  6. I asked her a question and she gave me a 1 word response - "No."
    Not even a thank you for your interest or other words of courtesy.
    I thought she was really rude. Drop the attitude, it's not like there aren't any other buyers who sell the same thing.
  7. I would stay clear of this reseller. I have yet to purchase a bag from anyone reseller thus far. My preference is to purchase from the boutique so in the event their is an issue with the bag I would have no problems. In most cases you are paying extra money in the store but for me it is the peace of mind and comfort that I have when it is done at a reliable store.
  8. I don't know about you, but I'd never buy anything of off instagram. There's just no safety what so ever :nogood:
  9. I've heard several people buying things from instgram and they all didn't turn up so well but it's a good thing they were using paypal and paypal got their money back for them. Shopping from instagram is just a bad idea, a lot of fakes and really not safe at all.
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    I've had my Celine handbag pictures from my eBay listing stolen and posted on instagram by the username of luxfashi0n. Please be careful if any of the tPF members are looking to purchase from this user.
  11. I was wondering how she could have so many hard-to-find bags but then one of my friend who is a personal shopper in Paris told me that she received an email from Privé Porter, asking for a lot of info about prices, models, for Hermès, Chanel, Céline... And apparently, she was a little bit rude in her emails. My friend didn't go any further.
    As for the "resellers" on Instagram, I hate them, but some people are honest and can use it for their business, for example, my friend in Paris use IG too, not to resell because she never buys anything without having a client request, but just to show the collections and what she finds in Paris stores and what she purchases for her clients.

  12. What is your friends IG account? Would love to follow her to see trends in Paris first hand...
  13. Gscott - Were you ever able to get your $ back? I'm having the same issue. Wish I had saw this tread last week before purchasin from her :sad:
  14. I ended up receiving my bag from her. As far as I have been able to tell it's authentic. It came well packed. She's says all her stuff comes like it's brand new from the store but my bag just came in a brown shipping box and inside the dustbag. There was no store box or bag or anything. Whatever it's not a big deal I guess. I really wanted this particular color so I'm happy I was able to get it but I probably would not buy from her again. Everything is like ridiculously inflated like even more than fashionphile and it's just not worth my piece of mind. I'll stick to stores from now on.
  15. I received the bag from her promptly without any issues. I was able to get it authenticated with Étinceler Authentications.