Celine reference library

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  1. I just want to ask all our lovely Celine members to continue to add to our reference library. I see a lot of buying going on and I hope that you'll also post your pictures in the Reference Library. This is really helpful to people when they are researching a certain style or their next bag.

    It is always fun to have a packed RL with lots of eye candy :yes:

    Anyway, thank you and carry on!
  2. I'll start then :smile:

    F/W 2011 collection, tricolor in grey, bordeaux, ivory and black.
    from Nordstrom, TX
    $2200 before tax

    Attached Files:

  3. Ops.. Sorry. I meant in this reference library:


    Sorry for the confusion! I'll move your post over if it hasn't already been added to the "luggage thread".

  4. Work is slow today... This will give me something to do! :graucho:

  5. :tup: Thanks girl!!

    Happy friday-
  6. :smooch:
  7. Thanks for the reminder! I will take new pics and post them there.