Celine red suede trapeze with pic. To buy or not to buy?

  1. It's me again:smile:. After several purchase last months(9 bags up to day). I tried to stop myself buying any new Celine. But my SA just let me know another amazing color will arrive store tomorrow. Oh no, I really don't want to quit the Band island but my heart is just kind of broken if I can't have this stunning bag. The thing I concerned is I just bought one trapeze and one micro in red a month ago, do I need this red trapeze too? Ladies pls help this poor girl to decide : to buy or not to buy????
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    This is a photo of new Cline stock. They will be ready for purchase to tomorrow. The red that trapeze I am talking about is behind white one.
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    This is a photo of this bag I just googled . I think I will love her but haven't seen it IRL. Does anyone have her or have seen her in person? I would love to know your honest opinion. Thank you ladies, you are amazing!
  4. This is a photo of my red trapeze and red micro. I already have them, both are sitting together with my other Celine bags , sorry i don't have separate photo.

    Should I buy that red, or two red is enough for me??? Waiting for your opinions.
  5. I would have said go ahead until I saw the picture of your red trapeze. I think having 2 trapezes in similar red is a little too much even though the tri color red trapeze is really pretty. How about getting the trapeze in another color instead?
  6. I tried this on and it's gorgeous! But seeing your collection, it is very similar to your red trapeze. The reason I didn't get it was because I knew the wings would get some abuse in a big city so it's hard to keep the white part clean.
  7. I seriously love the mono red trapeze a lot more. Its really up to you but I think you should stay on the band island for now. Love all the Celine's you bought!! Gorgeous!
  8. Thank you for your comment. Yes I knew that they are similar too but somehow I still feel I will love her. I am not good at this point. But your suggestion is great! I even haven't thought of it:getting another trapeze instead of the red one. I will go to store tomorrow anyway and see them all IRL then decide. Thank you again friend!
  9. I admit they are similar, but I keep telling myself that the wings are diffident colors! Silly me! Do you think the white wings will easily get abuse? I thought they are leather, not suede( thank god they are not the white suede wings) so maybe easier to clean and protect?
  10. Thank you for your lovely comment! I was on band island for ....2 week already. But suddenly received an email from SA and feel itching again :mad::Pullhair::Pullhair::Pullhair: poor me and my wallet. But I will go to store tomorrow . Having a look won't cost anything isn't it ?
  11. I love the white wings!!! Get it! But only if you love it.
  12. i agree, the trapeze you're ogling is beautiful (i think another TPFer recently did a reveal of the same bag), but too similar to the red trapeze you already have. hopefully when you go into have a look something else catches your eye :graucho:
  13. You should totally go and have a look but carry your red trapeze with you! If you still love the tri color trapeze you should buy it! :smile:
  14. I agree with Pursetato. Go for a look but bring your red trapeze with you. Buy only if you will love it.
  15. I have this one & love her. I say go for it! Here's a pic of mine :smile: