CÉLINE Ready to Wear, Shoes & Accessories

  1. Is there a way or code on Celine's ready to wear to find out what season the item is from? I have purchased a jacket, trying to figure out what season it is from.

  2. fall 2012 tailoring
    ps_tailoring_1.jpeg ps_tailoring_2.jpeg ps_tailoring_3.jpeg ps_tailoring_4.jpeg ps_tailoring_5.jpeg
  3. Phoebe looking pretty fine in her own designs.
  4. I would love a trio in the jewel green color!
  5. Last Call near me has a few pieces from PreFall2011 in store. There was the fur/hide coat, drastically reduced but still way out of my price range. I hope it goes to a good home!!
  6. Embellished belt from Phoebe's Fall 2010 season.
    skazka_skazako-img600x450-1344138899jzfsbx60622.jpg skazka_skazako-img600x450-1344138899rxynf960622.jpg skazka_skazako-img600x450-1344138899ybogwz60622.jpg
  7. Sleeveless voluminous Jacket Resort 2010
    desert_kurt-img600x600-1345320052a7bwcn67717.jpg desert_kurt-img400x600-1345320141ia1qla68445.jpg desert_kurt-img600x600-1345320179xz5hgn68445.jpg
  8. Skirt with leather pockets
    statustyle_closet-img600x450-1346137138rkpesp95692.jpg statustyle_closet-img400x600-1346137145flv4ml94390.jpg statustyle_closet-img600x450-1346137151sayc3x94390.jpg
  9. Marninière t-shirt
    skazka_skazako-img600x450-1342700955xqikmh87857.jpg skazka_skazako-img450x600-1342701078pxqulg88521.jpg skazka_skazako-img450x600-13427010799lkuvb88521.jpg
  10. Cropped tuxedo trousers. These fit so well. I'd recommend this. Adore the boyish cut.
    desert_kurt-img600x600-1345955691s4sryl67507.jpg desert_kurt-img600x600-1345955691fu5vwk67507.jpg desert_kurt-img600x600-1345955692udshob67507.jpg
  11. Thanks for the rtw pics :smile: I luv their pants.
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    Here is my Celine monogram sweater! It's soooo warm and comfy but didn't had a chance to wear it, because the weather here is still nice for this month of the year:smile:



    I also recently purchased this cashmere sweater! Love the colors!!!
  13. My yellow evening dress!!


    Here I'm wearing it at the four seasons in Paris while I was on a business trip! Including my Luggage and Celine belt!
    (Don't mind my uncomfterable smile;))


  14. Oh, how nice! I actually tried on the jacquard hooded jumper as well but I did not buy it as the weather here in Singapore doesn't allow me to wear it out as much as I would like to. And I really like the other colourblock jumper you have. I love the side split detail.

    Here is myself with the jacquard jumper in a size M. It's really nice in person with a lot of attention to detail. I really want a Céline jumper in the near future... How much was your monogram one if you don't mind me comparing prices? It is SGD$1550 here if I recall correctly.
  15. My silver (mirror) wallet is my latest addition to my Celine family!