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  1. hi cotonblanc- great pics! do you know if the trio pictured is the burgundy or light burgundy? Thanks!
  2. they're drop dead gorgeous. any chance of a modeling picture at some point?

    (feel free to say no, I'd never post a picture of myself...)
  3. Omg!! Thanks for putting all these photos up they are amazing esp the strapless trio clutch! Are they from the latest season?
  4. Looks to be Burgundy for the far right and another in terracotta? The yellow lighting is confusing me. Haha.
  5. Apparently the strapless trio has been around since the first season. I'm sure it's past season merchandise that was displayed. It was S$1070 after de-tax. Very tempted but think they only had vermillion and black. It's much more elegant than the trio. Consider it!
  6. celine-dress-1.jpg celine-dress-2.jpg celine-dress-3.jpg
  7. 2fe66cb48e6611e19e4a12313813ffc0_7.jpg
  8. ^WOW :drool:

    thanks for the info! why oh why can't they just design the trio to have a detachable strap?!!
  9. And why can't they have the metal zipper pulleys and leather lining too? *GREAT EXPECTATIONS*
  10. Haha! I can if I leave my head out of the pic ;) I'll try to get one. I can't quite figure out how to get a pic thru my iPad onto tpf!

    I'm quite impressed w how sturdy the fabric is.
  11. I love how the zip starts a little lower than a usual zip. It's like the bicolor pouch right? And now I'm tempted to get the pouch too... Urgh
  12. Yes, it has a slight curving L zipper to it. I believe they are about the same size and the both strap and strapless can be popped apart into single pouches. :smile:

    Not sure if the lining is canvas like regular trio or lambskin like the clutch pouch! Haha. I was equally tempted. I'll wait for the prefall pouches.
  13. Would love the leather lining! Somehow the strapless trio looks really classy. Celine is an obsession!
  14. with much advice by our dear cotonblanc, my 6th items from Celine ... :graucho:


    Present my ombré small pontet belt :giggles::yahoo:



    Many thanks, Cotonblanc for your wonderful advices for a Celine newbie :woohoo::balloon:
  15. Congratulations! Ha, not much of great advice from me. :p I want one too!

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