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  1. Actually they just had the ID necklaces at both Miami and NY boutiques about 2 weeks ago but sold out instantly..weird I know.
  2. Weird!! I know they weren't on the buy books for London and all the stores in Paris said no only the bracelets have been reissued. :sad:
  3. Do you have their email by chance? If you don't want to post it, feel free to PM me. Thanks so much!!
  4. It really is annoying getting info about the ID necklaces. I called and emailed countless people and heard something different from each person. It is possible that the necklace is from a new season because I will not be getting mine until July/August. The store I bought it from just went to Paris for a buying trip and are offering the chance to preorder the necklaces and bracelets in both gold and silver. I also spoke to an SA at Barneys San Francisco and he told me they would be getting the necklace, in possibly three weeks. He was quite helpful his email is jazari@Barneys.com
  5. From gchandler5 posting #252, looks like the new season's ID bracelet (maybe necklace too) is much wider than last seaon's. I like the older season's better.

  6. hi everyone, my id choker necklace is definitely not as wide as the bracelet i recently purchased, but their color is the same (see my earlier posts in this thread with pics). i purchased both through Barneys, the necklace back in early spring 2012 and bracelet within the past month. i also have the choker id necklace in silver, also purchased through barneys in early spring 2012. my SA at barneys said they should be getting more of the necklaces in and she is going to let me know when they arrive, so i will post to let everyone know. i am actually waiting on the leather knot bracelet.
  7. To my knowledge, both the necklace and the bracelet were made in two different widths in the past. The pic above shows the thin version of the necklace. I think the current bracelet is close if not the same in width to the wider version from 2012.

    Edit: after looking at more pics online, I think i agree with you that this season's bracelet is slightly wider than the wide version from 2012.

    gchandler5, that would be awesome if you could let us know when they arrive!! Thanks so much :smile:
  8. Can I ask if you have heard news of the Facet cuff being re-issued WITHOUT the Kogolong stone? I'm in the mood for one in full silver.
  9. Has anyone seen the 10mm Skate Slip-ons in Viper? Anyone with idea of price point for Spring 2013?
  10. coton, i'm not familiar with that one? do you have a pic? i will be happy to check with my sa at barneys
  11. Just to let you know, I've been to Printemps and Galeries Lafayette in Paris and both had the ID bracelet and necklace.
  12. Thanks for the info! Was it the wide ID necklace?
  13. I can't really tell the difference since I usually only look at bags but honestly the ones I saw where huge, I don't think they could do larger ones:graucho: But I love it, it really looks nice.
  14. Thanks for the info! Printemps just informed me that they don't have the necklace though! Wonder if it sold already?? Hmm..
  15. Really? Or I could have made a mistake maybe it was two bracelets then, I'm sorry I'm blonde so...:graucho: I'm sure about the bracelet and galeries lafayette had the bracelet and the necklace.