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  1. Try calling the Barney's in Seattle. I saw an ID bracelet there as of 7pm tonight :smile:
  2. Yeah I hear you ! They look kinda disco.
  3. 5c36a4de61b811e283e822000a1f8e5b_7.jpg
  4. Thanks, but I actually have the bracelet..just looking for the necklace! If you happen to see it, let me know :smile:
  5. I saw these on instagram as well and really love the python! Wonder where they have them..
  6. Hi soholaleni,

    I have been hunting for the ID chain choker and bracelet since forever.. Do u mind to share where did u get the bracelet and how much did you pay for it? Tks in advance.
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    Do u mind to share or pm me your SA's contact as i m in a desperate hunt for the bracelet. TIA!

    Sorry, i have tagged wrongly.:P
  8. Hi,

    Do u mind to share or PM me your SA's contact info as i m in a desperate hunt for the bracelet/choker since forever. TIA
  9. Eeeeeep! I took the plunge on the new thicker id bracelet😣
  10. I got my bracelet at Celine Miami boutique for $940.

    Try contacting Barneys Seattle to see if they still have the bracelet (not sure where you're location though). Someone posted on here Friday that they had it. You can try other Barneys stores as well. Hope that helps!

  11. Thank you so much for your reply. Im based in Asia and not sure if they ship overseas? Do you happen to have any email contact for the Barneys store? TIA
  12. Hi, may i know where did you get yours if you dont mind me asking? I have been on the hunt since forever.. TIA! :smile:
  13. Lisel Fay - 415.268.3553 - lfay@barneys.com

    she may be able to locate one for you from another store as well

    tell her gail referred you
  14. Thanks so much for the infos! I managed to secure the last piece from her and I did mention you recommended. Your help is very much appreciated. ☺
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