CÉLINE Ready to Wear, Shoes & Accessories

  1. The necklaces were $985 each. Bracelet $940. My guess is the $1200 price mentioned above for the necklace might be the thicker/wider chain ID necklace?
  2. Winter 2011 Stripe Lizard Pump / Jam Suede Pump / V Tip Spazzolato Pump / V Tip Lizard Roccia Pump / Trio Pump / Stripe Suede Pump hktatler.com
    a8433506a1c47be9dfc2be10463b3df8_w650_h420_cp_sc.jpg 9c91e501ad02722a832d4006ae0d87fe_w650_h420_cp_sc.jpg 8d7de150c822ab3b01045e92db247999_w650_h420_cp_sc.jpg 6601a13049904c087c0f535b5c9c7909_w650_h420_cp_sc.jpg 9be808f84b030d596385726f2dba0385_w650_h420_cp_sc.jpg a56cfbbfaa822bd9f91e0586ae80eb30_w650_h420_cp_sc.jpg
  3. Thanks for the info! Yeah, maybe the higher price is for the wider chain..
  4. There were a lot of different styles of bracelets and necklaces including the id's at Saks Worth Avenue a couple of weeks ago. The display case with the Celine jewelry is in a strange location right by the side exit door. I bet most people walk right by it without noticing it at all--which makes me think they probably still have in stock selection.
  5. texasbrooke, which Saks?
  6. Saks Worth Avenue is in Palm Beach, FL.
  7. I called this morning and they don't have any of the ID necklaces/bracelets anymore :sad:
  8. At my local boutique! :smile:
  9. bummer...sorry for the bad info!:nogood::tdown:
  10. xxoo
  11. What a great haul!!!

    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the python shoes and the gold cuff and what was the price?

  12. Thanks for the pics!

    Where was these pics taken at? Do you remember the price for the python bracelet and the double wrap leather bracelet and the cuffs? I have especially been looking for the double wrap leather bracelet!

    Thanks in advance!
  13. So cute!!!:tup:
  14. Thanks! The python wedges were on sale from Departement Feminin and the gold cuff was from the Celine Miami boutique. The cuff was $520 :smile:
  15. Designs like these don't really resonate with me. It doesn't feel Céline at all. Looks like something Comme des Garçons has done. Something to draw in younger clientele maybe but definitely putting me off.