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  1. Whaaaaaaat?!!? That's awesome....hmmmmmmm!

  2. Can someone confirm if the chunky bracelet has dropped at Barneys? I saw this on Instagram. The Pontet bracelet seems to be from the Spring 2013 range too. traceydtran
  3. It has! And at Celine boutiques. I called a couple Barneys & boutiques this morning and asked. They only have the bracelet in. Not the necklaces yet. They said the bracelet is more "brass-y" than gold.
  4. Great! Can you please update the thread with prices, if possible?

    I prefer brass so yay for that.
  5. Adore this chunky bracelet :biggrin:
    May I ask if it's brass or gold plated ?
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    Sure! The bracelet is $980.
  7. Do you know how much the necklace is and when it will drop?
  8. Sorry, I don't. I didn't ask.
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    Just wondering what Barney stores did you call?
  10. I bought the chunky gold/brass id bracelet from Barneys in San Francisco. Will post pics later this week... I will add the ID necklaces I have that were purchased in 2012 for reference...
  11. I also just purchased the ID bracelet. And FYI, Celine Miami had the small and medium sizes last week..

    Will someone please please please post on here when you see the gold ID necklaces in stores somewhere??? I am dying to add one to my collection.

  12. Pictures and modelling pics please? Can you tell us the measurements for the one you bought? I've yet to see one in the store. Much appreciated.

    And congratulations! I love these statement pieces. Contrasts so nicely with the simpler clothes.
  13. Yes, I will post some pics tomorrow! I have been meaning to do a large haul post, but 2 of my items have been delayed in shipping so I've been putting it off...long story! Anyways, I can't find my measuring tape at the moment but the M is between 7-7.5 inches in length and much larger than I thought. I have a big wrist and was afraid it would be tight but it has plenty of room to move around. I have the Celine gold cuff in L and its a really tight fit on my wrist.

    I'll provide more info tomorrow night!
  14. Thank you so much! I usually wear a M for her bracelets except for the facet cuff which I might need a L!

    Look forward to the entire lot that you bought. Major congrats once again.
  15. Spring 2013 shoe selection from Adelaide at Tokyo. Any thoughts about the new Bam Bam style? The front portion might cut into the feet? saki_tokio
    f1b510fa5eec11e294f522000a9f30b8_7.jpg 6d0b074e5eea11e2af5a22000a9f18fb_7.jpg ab75ef4a5ee911e28df922000a9f1991_7.jpg
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