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  1. Christian Louboutin TTS (true to size) or US size

    Thanks! You have been very helpful! I'll try to hunt for 37.5.

  2. Wow!!! that price is steep for a gold plated bracelet. I would have a second thought of spending that much for a costume jewelry or go for the bag instead.
  3. True... Reseller's premium I guess.
  4. Yes, I agree with d00rvm. I am a men's 40 and I can fit the slip-ons of the same women's size. Good luck with the search, I really love my pair.
  5. I have been wanting this loafer ever since I saw your post. Brought me back down to the memory lane when I was in 6th grade..... DH said, it's not my style anymore. But I think the leopard is just fabulous....A definitely must have for me..wishing there is something out there waiting for me...

    Thanks cotonblanc! :hugs:
  6. If the leopard is a little too overwhelming, I believe there was one made in Navy pony hair. And I believe this season's python comes in Navy, Beige and the Cream with natural patterns.

    They are soooooo easy to wear. Slip into anything comfortable and just slide into these shoes. Quietly luxurious and so Céline! Come and join the club!
    05aa561a56c811e2baac22000a1fbda6_7.jpg 5707094a57bd11e29a0922000a1f8c1a_7.jpg
  7. :biggrin: I feel like I am part of the feline family. So Leopard will never be overwhelming to me. I have 3 Leopard Louboutins and Leopard Alexander McQueen leggings....I love shocking people! :cool:

    I spent too much on Chanel sale purses (so far 7 purses + 2 Mini + 3 SLGs) and some H goodies...Will wait for another month before going on a crazy spending spree...

    Next on my list --- this Celine leopard hair loafer and both the Celine thick chain gold choker and gold bracelet ---again reminiscing the 80's.
  8. For some unknown reasons, just saw these pictures. Oh my G Coton! You are such an enabler! Everything is TDF! :loveeyes:

    As always, thanks for the intel!:hugs:
  9. Hah, I'm also thinking of muscling an animal print into my wardrobe of very boring, minimal pieces. Hope to see you with a reveal in the near future! I'm also waiting for the chunky accessories to drop. I don't know how big/small the newer ones would be!

    Here are a few Spring 2013 pieces in an editorial feature.
    tumblr_mg1rzrFHri1qd1swho1_1280.png tumblr_mg1rzrFHri1qd1swho2_1280.png tumblr_mg1rzrFHri1qd1swho3_1280.png tumblr_mg1rzrFHri1qd1swho6_1280.png
  10. Blue Pony Hair Skate Slip-ons tumblr
  11. These mink pumps are €3490! And the furkenstocks are €695 shoebaloo.nl
    222060221.jpg 22205081.jpg
  12. anyone has any idea where i can track down a pair of the natural python sneakers? they're soo gorgeous!! i think they're past season though so i'm guessing it's gonna be a bit of a challenge :sad:
  13. Hello Céline lovers I am from Australia so no Céline stores :sad:
    Just wondering will the Céline stores in other countries sell me something and send it overseas?
  14. I am loving the lamb skin striped top from resort :smile:
  15. Yes! I saw the navy one with black leather stripes. It's S$1750 and this piece is supposedly washable at home?! How crazy is that? I won't want to mess up a top that expensive! :biggrin: I love the white shirts with glued edges too and big pockets on the front.
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