CÉLINE Ready to Wear, Shoes & Accessories

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    It is about time we have something dedicated to Phoebe's and team's designs for Céline's ready to wear and shoes line! Post away!
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    Some good tailoring and paneling work for her shirting line. Wish I can properly tag the season's but it's all a jumble sometimes.
    celine-shirting-01.jpg celine-shirting-02.jpg celine-shirting-03.jpg celine-shirting-04.jpg celine-shirting-05.jpg
  3. More skirts, shirts and shoes.
    celine-shirting-06.jpg celine-shoes-01.jpg celine-shoes-02.jpg celine-skirts-02.jpg
  4. Knitwear, trousers, shoes and outerwear...
    celine-shoes-03.jpg celine-shoes-04.jpg celine-trousers-01.jpg celine-knits-01.jpg
  5. More shirting, knits and outewear...
    celine-outerwear-02.jpg celine-outerwear-03.jpg celine-dress-01.png celine-knits-02.jpg celine-shirting-07.jpg
  6. More skirts, shoes, shirting and outewear...
    celine-outerwear-04.jpg celine-outerwear-05.jpg celine-shirting-08.jpg celine-shoes-05.jpg celine-skirts-03.jpg
  7. That is amazing! Thanks for posting. This should also be a reference library thread.
  8. More shoes and the famous leather t-shirts!
    celine-shoes-06.png celine-shoes-07.jpg celine-shoes-08.jpg celine-shoes-09.jpg celine-blouses-01.jpg
  9. More outerwear, shirting and shoes...
    celine-outerwear-06.jpg celine-shirting-09.jpg celine-outerwear-07.png
  10. Current Summer 2012 ready to wear stock in Bangkok, Thailand. Bonus pictures of the strapless trio clutch and trios available! :P
    IMG_9049.JPG IMG_9050.JPG IMG_9048.JPG IMG_9047.JPG
  11. Thanks for starting this thread! i am so psyched about these pants, i just got them from Neimans :smile: they are a white silk blend with a black organza overlay :smile:
  12. The back of a SS'12 collection shirt
  13. Great thread, Cotonblanc! :woohoo: you want to consider create one as well on the reference library?
  14. :heart: this thread.
  15. momoheart_love-img600x450-1324976023rwnywt75439.jpg momoheart_love-img600x450-13249760220tg93d75439.jpg momoheart_love-img600x450-1324976022cwmsqd75439.jpg
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