Celine python advice

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  1. Hello! :biggrin:

    After years of always going with something else, I've decided it's finally time to add a black bag to my collection - one that will go with everything. And by coincidence I just found THE bag on holiday in Paris - the first black bag that really made my heart skip a beat (though it was gorgeous in Ink as well!) - a black python Trapeze with suede wings! Except for the pricetag it seemed like the perfect bag to me, and I was ready to take the plunge... Until I started thinking a bit about how python is to maintain... Fortunately, or unfortunately, I can't really seem to decide. At least what I read about it wasn't unconditionally positive, and as I have little to no experience with exotics myself, I decided to stay on the fence for now. However after returning home I just can't seem to get it out of my head, and as the experiences I've read from other people range from "NO snow or rain what so ever, definitely no everyday bag" to "snow and rain totally fine, a good everyday bag", I thought I might ask for some advice from you here on this forum. :smile: I rotate my bags, but sometimes I will use one for several weeks straight, and though I am careful with my bags, also with snow and rain - I don't might them being exposed a little bit, unless it's pouring down. I wear a lot of knits and silks, and also wonder whether it might catch and pull treads or pill? My main concern with python though is that I've read it might dry up and curl, and eventually even fall off. Though at the same time I've also read that if conditioned with proper exotic leather conditioner occationally it will hold up fine... And as this bag would be a big investment for me, I really need it to be durable. Aah, I'm really having a hard time deciding, I really want to, but don't know if I should... So basically; I would love to hear all Celine python owners/lovers experiences and advice :smile: Thank you in advance! :hugs:

    PS. I know normal black would probably just be the safer and more economic choice, but I just can't bring myself to love it, I find it a bit dull in comparison.
  2. Pythons are not an everyday bag coz its high maintenance, but its definitely a wow and statement piece to add to your collection :graucho:
  3. I wonder the same thing - i was thinking of getting box in python, because the regular scratches easily. Now I'm wondering if the python is even higher maintenance?
  4. Thank you for your feedback Neome! :biggrin: I really appreciate it :smile:

    As for you Expatwife; I read here somewhere that a tpf'er had been adviced to get a python over regular leather Box at some Céline store. By the storemanager even, I think. But well... I'm as clueless as you unfortunately. I find the regular Box to be a bit high maintenance to be honest, so was hoping python wouldn't be worse at least. :thinking:
  5. I was told by a Celine SA that python is *easier* to care for than box leather. It doesn't show water marks and doesn't scratch, and the skin is very resistant. I don't have any python bags but my python Skate shoes have stood up very well, even after getting wet in the rain.
  6. I love the box in Python - it is stunning!
  7. Oh thank you everyone! I'm so excited for Fall 14. Cotton said there will be plenty of python!
  8. Well that is a bit encouraging! :biggrin: Thank you!!
  9. Bump... Anyone else got some experience/advice? Second chance of getting my hands on one is coming up. But still can't make up my mind... :wondering
  10. I think you already know the answer deep within your heart. Don't forget to create a reveal thread and share your beautiful new bag with us once you get it! :smile:
  11. Hehe, you make a good point there. :graucho:
    But I'm trying to be a bit sensible as well, since it's a big investment for me and I'm on a bag ban after it. :crybaby:Been looking at the SL Sac de Jour as well, but nothing makes my heart sing like this one... So maybe there will indeed be a python reveal after all. ;)
  12. I would say python is fairly resistant but it can show water marks if water is left on it unnoticed and it can scratch if across or reverse of the scales
  13. I have bought two python boxes and I'm glad I did. When I bought my first one (red) it was a really dry (scales were curled up) and had a big scratch on the flap. I was really hesitant to use this bag because I thought it was very fragile for everyday use. I did some research here on TPF on python (CL subforum mostly) and I bought Bick 4 leather conditioner. After I applied the cream the scratch was completely gone (on normal leather the scratch would only diminish) and the scales felt much softer and laid flat. Since that moment I really started using my bag, not that intensive but I bring her out more often. I always check the weather before I take her out because I don't want to through rain or snow and I'm careful with zippers and stuff. But I now know she can withstand rough treatment and scratches are invisible (only the really harsh ones aren't).

    I now got a second whipsnake box and I've taken her with me to London with no problem at all. If you look after your bags well, then python shouldn't be a problem. Céline python bags are such beautiful pieces so go for it!
  14. Thank you so much for your post! :smile: That was both very helpful and encouraging!! :biggrin:
  15. I have 2 python Box. I don't think they need high attention. In my opinion, they should be even easier to take care than smooth leather. I am glad that I purchased they early as price keep increasing. Though I don't use them as everyday bag, but whenever I use them, I still find them really pretty, particularly my red python box.