Celine price increase? I'm confused!

  1. As currently € is dropping down heavily, I am quite believe a lot of luxury brands will increase again their price in the left 6 months.. I do hope my friend can get what I want in Paris this weekend..
  2. Same thinking as u, cotonblanc. If Celine increase again their price, I will give it up! Swear
  3. Well, as they say, never say never! I'm just hoping I'd be good the next season's. I rather buy her shirts to collect!
  4. Not surprised that they are having another price increase. It happens to Most of the premier brands, and I guess I just have to make do with my current collection until the next must have bag comes along. :smile:
  5. That is odd, since they sent out preorders for Fall/Winter with the prices increased! They don't allow people to post their preorder pics and prices, but I will email the info to anyone who wants to see for themselves.

    I also have info from two other places showing the increases. I mean, I wish they would not go up, but that is what seems like is happenning. Not trying to spread rumors, just give people a heads up :p
  6. That's really weird. I was just talking to Juliana from Aloha Rag in New York and that's what I was told. But I know a price increase in summer is pretty common just not sure exactly when.
  7. I also received the pre-fall and main collection catalogs from them but they show a solid colored micro is priced at $2200.
  8. My SA received a shipment of royal blue mini today and they are still priced $2400.
  9. May I get your SA's info? And do you know if she'll be getting any blue nanos??
  10. ^ True. I just double checked with Aloha Rag Honolulu. Their 2012 F/W solid color Luggage prices have no change: Nano $2000, Micro $2200, and Mini $2400. But Trapeze with strap price is increasig from $2100 to $2300.
  11. May I have your SA info as well? Thanks very much! :p
  12. My friend took a shopping in Paris yesterday, visited 2 boutiques & laffeya.. There was zero available stuff there, neither mini nor nano..The SAs said the availability will b in middle of June.. I do hope it'll not b together w/ price increase!!
  13. That is why the title of this thread is "I'm Confused" because it all is so dang confusing!!!:confused1:
  14. Completely agree. :biggrin:
  15. May I have the name of your SA and his/her information? Thanks!