Celine Phantom or Chanel XL GST

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  1. Hi, I would need your opinion.

    I am planning to buy my next bag (HURRA HURRA) and my budget would be around 2000-2500 EUR. I cannot decide between the Phantom and the XL GST.

    I have already a tricolored mini Luggage and I know that department feminimi is selling the small phantom and maybe if I do not get it, they will be gone. Because here in Vienna it is very difficult to get a Celine.

    But I also want to but a Chanel, a XL GST with silver chain, I do not even have a Chanel bag yet. But what I heard it, that the chain of Chanel bags gets rusty sometimes. Is that truth??? I cannot imagine that Chanel has that bad quality.

    Please help me to decide :lol:
  2. Chanel all the way!! That would be my choice anyway. Good luck!
  3. Phantom
  4. Hi thanks Miracle and Aluxe.

    no more comments???
  5. Chanel! It is classic and value remains. Celine Phantom? Not so much.
  6. Phantom if it's hard to get there and if the gst is always available :smile:
  7. Get the GST.

    I did have one and swapped it with my mother but actually there was nothing wrong with the bag except the logo was too big on it for me and it made me feel self conscious as an everydayer.

    I've never heard of the chain rusting, none of my Chanel chains have EVER rusted, not even a hint they would
  8. thanks to all the comments.

    @ papertiger: Good to know that the chains are okay! I also could not believe that Chanel chains would get rusted.

    Yes I agree: Chanel all the way!!!!
  9. This is no brainer for me... I vote chanel gst :smile: its a classic and very good investment piece