Celine Phantom comparison photos: medium vs large size, old vs new leather

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    Hi everyone, I went on a month long hunt in February for a Celine phantom. While on the hunt, I had the privilege of owning 2 phantoms for one day. The first one is a large in slate blue with the old smooshy leather. The other is a medium in camel with the new rich leather. So here are some comparison shots!:




    I think this photo is the most telling in terms of size as well as look of leather :p

    Hope the photos are useful for those on their phantom hunt!

    Just some thoughts on the leathers:
    The 'older' leather on Slate Blue baby is super smooshy and soft. I couldn't stop stroking her. Wanted to hug her to sleep even. The slouchiness of the leather is perfect for the intended look of the phantom.

    The 'newer' leather on Camel baby is really rich and resplendent. You can't stop wowing at how beautiful the leather looks. However the stiffness kind of spoils the look. Had a clueless boy friend ask me if I was carrying a basket (when I had the wings tucked in)

    I eventually kept Camel baby due to her size and leather. Have seen many well-used phantoms with bases that have completely collapsed. Even when brand new, Slate blue baby was collapsing everywhere when not stuffed. You can just tell that the leather on Camel baby will get yummier with increased use.

    However, if there is a slate blue or flesh phantom in the new leather, that will definitely be my second phantom. The slate blue colour is soooo beautiful. I couldn't stop coo-ing over it.

    Next stop on my Celine train: Trapeze!
  2. Oh wow! Congratulations on your new babies!!!! They look yummy!
  3. Thank you sooooo much for doing this. I am obsessed with the phantom and try to read every possible thing and ask SAs far too many questions. This thread will be a great reference point for us phan lovers :p

    Thanks again!

    PS: Somehow, I never knew that slate blue did not come in natural calfskin/palmellato leather. :thinking: Do you know what colors came in that leather? It seems tan/camel, grey and black as far as I know.

  4. What a coincidence! I already have the phantom in tan (medium size) and considering to buy the slate phantom in blue (also, large). Congrats!!!:smile:
  5. Natural Calfskin came in Khaki and Burgundy as well.
  6. Thanks alot for the infor, cotonblanc.

    You wouldn't happen to know what sort of leather the MCC code stands for? I know that LCA and LCD are for the stiffer natural calfskin/palmellato (sp?) leather. Wondering whether MCC leather is the softer one.

    Or am I completely confused about what the MCC stands for on the tags that come with celine bags? Thanks!

    Sorry to hijack this thread, OP.
  7. MCC is Supple Leather. It is the one that looks slightly grained.
  8. Thanks again, cotonblanc for sharing your knowledge.

    One last question please (and then I won't bother you anymore). The supple leather, does it loose its shape easily like the earlier versions of the phantom? Based on my readings, supple leather was the second version of the phantom with leather intended to hold its shape a tad better. Is that correct? And then natural calfskin is a third version that is even hardier.

    Or am I mixing them up?

    Thanks for your time.
  9. Hah, no worries about it. You got the order right, I think. But even the thicker Natural Calfskin will age and be very sloppy. I can vouch for this as my friend's Phantom literally softened up after a year's wear... And the handles of her Khaki really has darkened... I have been thinking and maybe the Luggage Phantom was designed to be super slouchy in the long run. It looks really awkward when all stiff and boxy... Just a thought!
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    Thanks again for replying. I tried on the natural calfskin in grey sometime ago and can't get it out of my head. I have been trying to learn everything and with the help of kind tPFers, I feel like I am becoming a bit more knowledgeable. I get like this with most of my bags :shame:

    So, in essence, what you are saying is no matter which leather, the phantom is going to get a little, well... slouchy (the word saggy is in my head, but it almost sounds like an insult :biggrin:). Hmm, your friend's softened up within a year eh? :thinking:

    Plenty for me to think about. Thanks again for your time and thanks OP for creating a thread where we can get valuable knowledge about the leathers. :tup:
  11. Yes, her Phantom really softened up and she uses the bag for work almost daily and I am in a tropical humid climate so maybe that accelerated the softening. And yes, I do think that regardless of the leather, the bag will soften and should soften for that relaxed casual look. I think if you rotate your bag a lot and don't carry much, it won't soften (especially for the Natural Calfskin).

    Yes, the grey Natural Calfskin is a stunner!!! I would have gotten it if I saw one in a large size. Hope the little that I know is useful... It's hard to imagine how the bag holds up with Céline as most of the styles are very new and so are the leathers... That was also how we learnt the pebbled leather Luggage puddles easily and the first series of Trapeze pulls and sags in that way for an initially structured bag.
  12. Very useful!

    That is the risk with Celine - how new all the pieces are. And still, it is about to be the most purchased brand in my collection. Its weird how addictive it has become.

    Anyway, thanks again for your help! Off to continue reading up as my phanquest continues :graucho:
  13. +1

    And OT but your profile pic, so true!! its YVES SAINT LAURENT, not Saint Laurent... grrr... That got me going when I found out that they were changing the name of an iconic brand!!
  14. totally prefer the taupe colour
  15. I know, right? Well, its a good thing that we have Celine to tide us over :graucho: